5 Tips To Choose The Right Commercial Door for Your Building

Commercial Door for Your Building

Your commercial door is responsible for creating the first impression that clients and customers have of your facility as it is the first thing they see while entering the premises. This is why it’s important to choose the right commercial door for your entrances as well as the rooms within.

You need an entryway that’s robust enough to offer sufficient protection while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Picture this – your customers and employees will be using these business doors on a day-to-day basis.

Plus, you need to factor in the current circumstances with the ongoing pandemic. You need to choose and install industrial doors that check all the boxes.

Today, we will take a look at 5 tips that will assist you in choosing a commercial door that’s right for your business.

Key Consideration When Selecting The Right Business Door

1.     Construction Material of the Door

Commercial Door for Your Building

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Different materials are used to make robust best commercial doors. Select a material that is both affordable and low maintenance. You might have noticed that most commercial establishments avoid using doors made of wood. The reason for this is that wood tends to warp with the fluctuations in the temperature and outdoor humidity.

Some strong contending materials for commercial doors are:

  • Fibreglass

Fibreglass is expensive but it saves money in the long run on repair and replacement which makes it cost-efficient.  It requires very little maintenance making it a popular choice for business doors. This, coupled with its durability makes it one of the best materials for commercial doors.

  • Aluminium and Glass Door
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Commercial doors made out of a combination of aluminium and glass make for great entrances, especially if you run a store. This material combination has a rather sleek and sophisticated look that makes it a great choice amongst store owners. The downside is that they aren’t fire-rated but they are made using safety glass to avoid injuries in case they break.

Commercial Door for Your Building

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  • Steel Doors

If you expect advanced levels of security, then installing steel doors is ideal for your commercial building. These are mostly used in industrial settings, factories and warehouses.

When choosing the right door for your business, opt for one that is built for durability and resistance. Doors made out of these materials are immune to cracking, rusting, warping and bowing. They can endure harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.

You can consider installing automatic swinging and sliding doors for improved accessibility and convenience.

2.   Door Robustness and Longevity

Choose a sliding door that is easy to repair in case of any scratches or dents. You need to work with an experienced door repair company who can carry on with the door maintenance work with absolute ease. Your sliding door repair will depend on how frequently it is used. If the door usage frequency is high, then choose a material that is easy to maintain and can withstand rough conditions and constant usage.

Check with your door installers and choose a door that isn’t prone to quick wear and tear.

Commercial Door for Your Building

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3.   Type of Establishment

Choosing a suitable commercial door will become easy when you consider the type of establishment it needs to be installed in. If you own a warehouse, you will need a sturdy door with a strong loading dock. If you own an office, you’ll need an aesthetic and decorative glass door. In factories, you need to install doors that are built using tough durable materials, especially in the bottom half.

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This hard armour is meant to protect the door when moving heavy equipment in the facility.

4.   Safety and Security of Your Commercial Building

Every commercial building needs to install fire-resistant doors. This doesn’t mean that it is obligatory for you to install steel doors as there wooden doors available that are fire-resistant. Therefore, choose a commercial door that is robust, safe and secure.

To safeguard your establishment from theft, break-ins and unsafe conditions, you should consider installing a doot that is tough to break down and compromise. If your establishment is host to top-level security, then consider installing doors that are chemical resistant and bulletproof.

Commercial Door for Your Building

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5.    Aesthetic Appeal

As mentioned earlier, your commercial doors will determine the kind of impact your business will have on people who enter and exit your building. External doors in particular have the potential to enhance your curb appeal. Besides functionality, you should also look into the aesthetic appeal of your door, especially if you are installing one for your office building.

Work With An Experienced Door Supplier for Your Commercial Door Installation

Choose a commercial door on the basis of the foot traffic your business receives. The material and design you choose will depend on the usage, efficiency and durability of the door. While price will play an important role, it shouldn’t be the primary deciding factor. For more information about industrial doors be sure to check out Larnec Doors.

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