Things to Consider when Choosing a Roller Garage Door

Choosing a Roller Garage Door

Garage doors are one of those things that are installed in most homes, but they must be one of the most underrated household essentials of all time. 

So long as the garage door works, not much consideration is given to its  importance and the role that it plays – the protection of your home, the security of your belongings and until it is broken, that it is beyond repair that you realise its true value.

Choosing a garage door is an important investment that will last years on your home if the proper considerations are made at purchase stage. Roller garage doors are becoming the go to for UK households for their reliability, security, automation and insulation properties. Alongside all of those perks mentioned, roller garage doors are a firm favourite because of the sleek element of sophistic aesthetic that they add to a home. So besides the aesthetic, the garage door must also be functional. 

Here are the things to consider when choosing a roller garage door for your home:

Choosing a Roller Garage Door


On the market you have the option of an array of materials that your garage door can be constructed of, steel, aluminium and wood. 

Wood is by far the material that requires the most maintenance and then you have steel and aluminium, both strong, durable and require low maintenance.

Available in a wide variety of colours and with enviable insulation properties,aluminium is by far the most popular choice for your roller garage door and with the right company, the right finish, and the right quality, aluminium roller garage doors can transform the look of your home and not only that, but they can add value to your home.


Choosing a Roller Garage Door


There are garage doors that are made to suit every budget, but aluminium roller garage doors are definitely a firm favourite in UK households for a reason. 

With their space saving design, they are certainly an option to look at. You need to carefully consider your budget when choosing a garage door. You go for what you can afford of course, but if there is a deal that seems too good to be true, then more than likely it is. 

There are affordable options, but always check the materials, where the roller garage door is made, what finish is put on the door and always check that the roller garage doors comply with the law, not just for durability in how it is manufactured, but for your safety.

Your budget may limit your flexibility in the garage door that you can get, but rule of thumb in terms of everything mentioned above, if your old garage door can hang in there, wait the extra couple of weeks and hold out for a reputable company that offers a warranty on the roller garage door.

Door style

Choosing a Roller Garage Door


It is important to consider the style of your roller garage door. In this case by style, I mean colour. Roller garage doors have a very generic look, but there is the age old saying, ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’ and that very much applies here. 

Made up of an array of slats, roller garage doors are sleek and sophisticated and come in a colour that will tickle anyones fancy. Think carefully at this stage what would suit your home, have a look online, there is plenty of inspiration. This garage door is durable and will be a feature of your home for a very long time, so ensuring that it fits in with your vision for home and adds the right aesthetic is essential.


With every home having a different garage, there is no one size fits all, roller garage doors are made to measure. They can fit into most UK garages. Consideration needs to be given to size, because there is no room for error. It is important to find a company with expertise, this will mean an expert comes out to you, measures and discusses placement with you and provides you with an accurate quote.


Choosing a Roller Garage Door


Installation is key! Please only ever have a professional install your door. There are many elements that make up roller garage doors and ensuring everything is in the right place and attached correctly is fundamental to the function of the door. Without an expert installation, you run the risk of damage, faults and as a result high maintenance costs.


As has been stated, there are many options on the market, but the options dwindle when you consider reliability. You want to find a company that adheres to safety, manufactures with only the highest quality materials and has expertise. These companies are likely the ones with the comprehensive or extended warranty – simple because they stand behind their high quality product.

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