How to Clean your Filthy Cellphone at Your Home

Clean your Filthy Cellphone

Cellphones nowadays are going much popular, not only this, every person sustaining has phones as their basic requirements. Nevertheless, mobiles have been with everyone but those devices bring up many hazardous elements to us. Yes, you heard it right, hazardous elements like bacteria, viruses, etc. According to a fact it has been deducted that a square inch part of your device may include 15k+ bacteria and virus elements in it, these numbers are even 20 times much greater than the germs present in your public restroom or your shoes.

Clean your Filthy Cellphone


You might have been fully shocked after hearing such a threatening fact about your mobile. Now the question arises over here is from where does this all viruses, bacteria, and germs enter our mobile? The answer is simple and relevant, each surface which comes in contact with your fingertips then directly contact your devices. Thus, we ourselves transfer those hazardous germs and bacteria. Nonetheless, those germs then re-interact with us, and then it turns into effects like illness.

Usually, we cannot see those germs with our naked eyes, thus if you want to make your mobile free from all the hazardous elements you need to deep clean your filthy cellphone. Furthermore, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has stated “Your phone is considered in high touch surfaces that make a carrier for bacteria”. Though cleaning your gadget twice a week can help you a lot to get rid of such conditions. Here, we have come up with the best solutions on how to clean your cellphone?

  •         White vinegar
  •         Spray bottle
  •         Fresh microfiber cloth
  •         Cotton swabs
  •         Distilled water
How to clean your mobile?

Clean your Filthy Cellphone


The very first thing that is to be taken while cleaning is removing all the accessories, whether it is earphone, charger, or back cover. As those accessories also contain a lot of contaminated germs that need to be wiped out. Don’t worry much about that further, you’ll find the methods for cleaning the accessories also. For now, turn off your device as one device can distract out your cleaning process.

Take a spray bottle, mix an equal proportion of rubbing alcohol and distilled water in it. If you are not having rubbing alcohol with you then you can switch to white vinegar. Shake well so that the mixture gets prepared at its finest level. Once the mixture is created, spray it on the fresh microfiber cloth, wet it lightly.

Now start wiping the back and front part, make sure that you wipe it thoroughly then only you are going to get the perfect outcome. During the wiping process be careful about the spots like camera, speakers, charging and earphone ports, and space around the button. As the dirt collected in those parts cannot be extracted out with the help of cloth wiping, also make sure that you will not contact those parts with the wet cloth.

what should we use for cleaning those parts and accessories of our mobile? Here, is where cotton swabs step in and play a vital role in achieving the cleaning of those parts. All you need to do is take a cotton swab and start cleaning parts like the camera, charging and earphone ports, speakers, and space around buttons. Be choosy about the material of cotton you are using, make sure that it does not get stuck inside the holes rather than cleaning the holes.

After then when you are done with the whole process of cleaning your mobile. Let it get completely air-dried. You can now put it back into the cover, and also you can now use your accessories with any risk of bacteria and viruses.

As we discussed earlier along with the cleansing of your device, you need to clean the accessories too. So let us discuss now the cleansing process of accessories.  

How to clean back covers?

Clean your Filthy Cellphone


Many users do put back covers on while many users do not. Putting on a back cover adds a good strength to your mobile, but as the back cover is attached with it the germs which were first about too introduced on the real back of your device now get stuck with back covers. The cleaning process even depends upon the type of cover you have. We’ll discuss them all one by one.

  1.     Plastic cover: As we all are familiar with plastic that it avoids several dust particles to get stuck on it, moreover it does not let anything to sustain on it for a long period, and though many viruses may get introduced on it for hours or days they can be hazardous.

Washing plastic cases are easier as no solution restrictions take place. One can rely on any kind of solution they have, only the thing matters are not to use a solution which depletes plastic. You can even dip the case in the solution or else you can wash it thoroughly until and unless you feel it’s sufficient. After done with the washing makes sure that you dry it out thoroughly, before you reattach it with your device.

  1.     Silicon cover: These cases are included in one of the best cases as they have very low chemical reactivity and it has the ability to repel moisture. But as the temperature falls below it starts germinating viruses in it. And basically, maximum bacteria and virus elements take place where the temperature is low and it is dark.

There’s good news for you that you can easily apply an antimicrobial wipe solution in these cases, furthermore, you can use a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid for cleaning purposes. Rinse it properly with help of lint-free cloth; take the dirt out off the edges, after that let it get dried completely before you put it back.

  1.     Leather cover: Cases made of leather are much sensitive against various types of cleansing solutions. Thus, they have a separate cleaning solution which is specially formulated for leather products. If you do not have one, then rush on to the market and get one from there. After that do follow the instructions mentioned on the container of the solution. Besides this many leather conditioner products are available outside, one can rely on those products also.
Cleaning ear buds, charger, etc.


Not only your back cases and mobile are responsible for collecting dust particles along with that the accessories you use in your daily life also play a vital role in introducing dust to your device. Anyhow, you contact your excessive equipment, and that contact is responsible for introducing dust particles to your equipment. Thus, if somehow you manage to get rid of issues withstanding because of your gadget, you’ll then face the issues withstanding with your equipment. You have to be concise about the cleaning of that equipment also. Let us now discuss the cleaning processes of other equipment.

  1.     Charger: Most probably charger contacts less with the user, but somehow a user contacts with it for about 2-3 times a day, during that interaction many processes do take place which makes your charger dirty.

To clean your charger properly, all you need to do is take a lint-free cloth, spray the solution of water and rubbing alcohol on it, and wipe it out. Be aware of the ports, as washing out ports with wet clothes can lead to a shot circuit. For cleaning in pods opt for cotton swabs. After rinsing, leave it for 5-10 minutes so that it gets dried up completely.

  1.     Ear buds: Cleaning ear buds is a difficult task for one to do. As if something wet gets introduced in it, then it can stop working. Thus, you have to be very concise while going through the cleansing process of it; furthermore, a brush is required.

Take a clean cloth, wipe the buds normally with that cloth at first, and then apply some white vinegar on the cloth to disinfect the buds. After that take some cotton swabs and brush, scrub the holes with the help of brush so that unwanted debris settled on ear buds gets extracted. To remove the excess debris left out on the ear buds take the help of cotton swabs. Now they are cleaned and hygiene to use.


With the help of the above-mentioned steps, you can clean your filthy cellphone at your home itself. But what happens after cleaning? It has been noticed that once you are done with every cleansing process, after a few couples of days it will get dirty again, that means you have to hygiene it, again and again, every day which is really a waste of time and also no one would like to do such processes every day. So how can we get rid of this? Here, we have come up with some maintenance tips for you so that you all do not have to wash your tools regularly.

Tips for maintaining hygiene
  •  UV light: As per our discussion we have derived that all the hazardous growing elements sustain for long in a dark and cool environment, while they cannot sustain in a light and warm environment. For doing the same all you need to do is put your mobile aside in a place where sun rays incident directly on it. Because of the direct contact between sun rays and the surface, the surface will notice an increase in the temperature, as the temperature increases the microbial germs get destroyed which makes the surface of contact germ-free. You just need to do this process only for 5 minutes otherwise the processor will start heating which can result in an explosion so be careful.
  • Avoid using the bathroom: On a report of a survey, it has been deduced that 3 out of 4 Americans use their cell phone in the bathroom which is seriously a bad aspect with respect to hygiene. As in the bathroom, many infectious particles habituate, thus if you make contact with any of the surface then it is obvious that you are going to carry away infectious particles with you. Not only this, your wet hands do consist of many contaminated germs and particles which can easily have direct contact with the surface of your gadget.
  • Antimicrobial cover: One of the best ways to maintain hygiene is by opting on an antimicrobial cover. As we discussed above, silicone does possess antimicrobial properties, but does it mean that it rescues you from every type of hazardous particles? The answer is no, though it posses antimicrobial properties which only avoids microbial particles to get in, whereas the virus can enter it easily. Anyhow it reduces a lot of the risk that makes you free from daily maintenance.


  • Immediate cleaning: Whenever you feel like you have contacted an infected surface and then touched your mobile at that instance, take a cloth whether it can be your handkerchief, and just wipe it out. Also be aware of uncertain food and makeup particles, as soon as they contact the surface of your gadget just wipe them down.
  • Self-hygiene: Whenever you are following any of the cleansing processes make sure that you have your own self-protection, as there are many possible ways for entering the germs into your body as you are contacting them directly. Make sure to put on gloves on your hand and a mask on your face. Also, keep washing your hand and face thoroughly after every cleansing process.

Avoid using in public transport: Do not ever use your gadget while traveling in public transport, as you would be holding on a rack or pole at that time and after that, you frequently contact your gadget, thus various germs may get introduced at such instances. So it is better to not take out your phone.

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