Common Problems That Aid in Air Conditioner Service Jacksonville, Fl!

Common Problems That Aid in Air Conditioner Service

Keeping the house cool with good functioning AC would be the main priority for all residents especially during summer. When the AC is in good status, there is no requirement to handle sleepless nights, turning and tossing from hot as the central system is not functioning. The performance problems are unavoidable though you have a high-end system. It is recommended to approach an experienced air conditioner service Jacksonville, FL who would repair and diagnose the issue and find out the cause of less visible problems. 

The AC may not turn on or cool on for several reasons like a tripped breaker, clogged air filters, and more. There is no requirement to think about it again and again. When you call the experts for air conditioning repair Jacksonville, FL, they will determine the answers and safely restore the system. 

Know about the common AC issues

Common Problems That Aid in Air Conditioner Service


The air conditioning units are complicated. It functions similar to a machine functioning outside or close to the house. When you are having a split system AC, it consists of several moving parts like the fan coil, the furnace, the distinct tubing for refrigerant, metal tubing, and the coil for evaporation, where all of them are interconnected and function together. When any of the above parts wear down or malfunction, you have to get AC repairs or plan for AC replacement. Some of the common problems in the air conditioner are broken compressors, air filter clogs, or proper drainage. In most cases, the issue can be sorted with a quick tune-up. But if the issue is major, a complete repair is required. 

Reasons why AC is turned on but not cooling?

You would have switched on the air conditioner but found the air conditioner not cooling the house. It means there is an issue with a particular function or component of the unit. According to what is required, the repair expenses can increase quickly. It is best to ensure that the AC unit remains in the right status through continuous upkeep and maintenance. Here is the list of issues and reasons why the air conditioner stops functioning. If an expert technician has analyzed the unit and feels that you should opt for air conditioning replacement & installation Jacksonville, FL, you should go as per his decision. 

Fuses and breakers:

Common Problems That Aid in Air Conditioner Service


The fuses and breakers safeguard the compressor or motor of the air conditioning unit by stopping the air conditioner from overheating. When the motor of the AC gets expired, the technicians check the breaker and evaluate whether it is in operational status. The certified technician finds out the latest kind of breaker for your unit and sets it up in the system. 


The air conditioner may not work when the thermostat is malfunctioning. Remember, the thermostat plays an important part. It controls the constant temperature in the house. If you are evaluating the thermostat, you should see that it is in a regular setting for each room or the entire house. Lightly cleaning the collected dust or other particles and keeping the thermostat away from direct sunlight aids in a longer device lifespan or simpler reading. 

Proper drainage:

Common Problems That Aid in Air Conditioner Service


The air conditioner’s drain line has chances to get clogged with dust, dirt, and various other particles. If the drain line gets clogged, you would notice a drain pan filled with water. There are also high chances for the water to escape with possibilities of causing damage to the system. 

AC compressor:

The compressor in the air conditioner shares energy to various refrigerant materials and even throughout the coils to keep the unit in function and transfer the heat. When the compressor is damaged or faulty, the system will find it hard to cool the house. When the AC requires extra refrigerant, you would find the compressor hot, eventually, seize up, and stop functioning. When the AC has too much refrigerant, it can move to the compressor and break down. 

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