6 Tips for Creating Thoughtful Homemade Gift Hampers for Friends

Homemade Gift Hampers for Friends
Are you creating a homemade gift hamper for someone close to you? 

Whether it’s a birthday gift, anniversary gift, friendship gift, or even a girl’s night-in gift, a fair amount of thought and consideration needs to go into creating, packaging, and delivering a personalized gift.

In the eyes of your loved one, the thought you put into the gift will be what matters. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan your tailor-made gift to suit the receiver’s personality. Listed below are some tips to help you create the type of homemade hampers that’ll make you the talk of the town. 

Choose a Theme 

Homemade Gift Hampers for Friends

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Having a theme will make it easier to decide on the right products for your gift hamper. For instance, if you’re planning a spa-themed gift hamper, then you know that you need to buy essential oils, some scented candles, and maybe even a few crystals. 

Make sure the theme relates to something your friend needs or enjoys. A literature-loving friend may enjoy a hamper filled with hot chocolate, an aroma diffuser, a cozy blanket, and other accessories to enhance their reading time. Meanwhile, a perpetually stressed-out friend may appreciate a massage voucher and some relaxing treats to enjoy on a spa day.  

Consider the Receiver’s Preferences 

Homemade Gift Hampers for Friends

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Expanding on the tip above, it’s important to make sure that every element of the hamper is tailored to the receiver’s preferences. It’s no good getting that stressed-out friend a massage voucher if they hate receiving massages. However, if you know they love yoga, you could fill a hamper with helpful accessories to elevate their practice. 

Establish Your Budget 

How much are you willing to spend on your gift hampers? Make sure that you have enough to do your chosen theme justice without breaking the bank. 

You want your gift hampers to be as true to the theme as possible, and sometimes, that means carefully curating a combination of big and small or affordable and expensive items. 

Homemade treats and decorative touches are ideal additions for those on a lower budget. Movie tickets and specialty chocolates are also great ways to pad out a hamper. 

Art Is Always an Option

Homemade Gift Hampers for Friends

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If you are on the less creative side and find it impossible to choose a gift idea, consider buying some art. Many modern artists have expanded beyond paintings and prints to offer stickers, scarves, coasters, and other products featuring their work.

If you are a creative soul, consider making a unique work of art to act as the centerpiece for your hamper. 


Is your gift hamper idea too expensive? No worries. Instead of buying the items, look online for DIY versions of your gift ideas, and get those creative juices flowing! 

Sometimes, the things we make ourselves are much more special than just picking something ready-made. Plus, it’s a great way to turn your gift hamper into a fun DIY project. 

You can make homemade bath bombs, cookies, candles, and more. These are all DIY gift ideas that your loved one will treasure and enjoy. 

Placement and Decorating

Homemade Gift Hampers for Friends

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Once you have your gifts ready, you can start working on packaging them and making sure the hamper looks good from the outside. Remember, your packaging is a reflection of what’s inside, so it should make a statement. 

Satin ribbon lends an elegant and sophisticated feel to the gift hamper, while paper ribbon is more rustic and easier to work with.

Though it certainly does take an investment of time to create the perfect homemade hamper, the smile on your loved one’s face will make all the effort worthwhile. 

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