7 Crucial Plastic Surgery Mistakes to Avoid 

Crucial Plastic Surgery Mistakes

While plastic surgery offers plenty of benefits, the entire endeavor can be daunting, especially for first-timers. To make your plastic surgery journey a comfortable and memorable experience, it is vital you avoid committing these seven common pre-plastic surgery mistakes. 

Eating unhealthily 

Crucial Plastic Surgery Mistakes

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Not eating a well-balanced diet is a common mistake of plastic surgery patients. Good nutrition before surgery can significantly influence your recovery rate, so eating healthily is necessary. Consuming the right balance of vitamins and nutrients, especially protein, can make your body stronger and more efficient in healing itself. 

Make sure to lessen your sodium intake several weeks before your surgery. Some low-sodium foods you can include in your diet are eggs, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, frozen or fresh fish, and dried beans. You can also consult with a nutritionist, so they can adequately advise you of the best diet suitable to your health condition. 

Setting unrealistic goals

Some people think plastic surgery can turn them into entirely different individuals. To avoid unnecessary disappointment, it is important you set realistic plastic surgery goals beforehand. Remember that plastic surgeries are meant to boost your confidence by improving your natural features, so you must have a clear understanding of the expected results. What might look on others may not necessarily suit your physique or physical state. Make sure to reexamine your intentions and only push through with the surgery once you’re in the proper mindset. 

Not having a post-surgery plan

Crucial Plastic Surgery Mistakes

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Another crucial mistake of plastic surgery patients is not creating a post-surgery plan. If you live alone, consider getting the help of a trusted loved one to help you during the recovery period. Whether you plan to rest in your bedroom or another area of your house, ensure your chosen space is safe and conducive to recovery. Organize everything you might need and place them in secured and accessible areas. If you have children at home, plan the logistics with your spouse, as your little ones may inadvertently cause significant delays to your recovery. 

Not adhering to recovery instructions 

Even if your plastic surgery is less invasive or a relatively simple procedure, you must strictly follow your plastic surgeon’s recovery instructions to ensure you heal properly. Not adhering to your doctor’s post-operative guidelines can also trigger severe complications and make your recovery longer and more challenging. If you have concerns, no matter how minor they are, don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor so they can efficiently address them. 

Taking unprescribed medications

Crucial Plastic Surgery Mistakes

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Another crucial mistake before getting plastic surgery is taking unprescribed medications. Medications, even herbal supplements, can trigger an adverse reaction when consumed with other medicines and cause life-threatening problems. Make it a point to inform your plastic surgeon immediately of the medications, vitamins, and any other oral supplements you are taking, as some may be detrimental to your surgery. 

Smoking and drinking before the surgery

Smoking and drinking can significantly increase the chances of medical complications, so you must stop these habits a few weeks before getting plastic surgery. Since nicotine can disrupt blood flow, smoking can significantly impede your body’s healing ability. Some adverse effects of smoking before surgery include an increased risk of tissue necrosis, slower healing rate, increased risk of infection, blood clots, and increased risks of complications to general anesthesia, stroke, and heart attack.   

Aside from smoking, drinking before surgery can also slow down your healing process and cause serious health problems. Alcohol can influence your body’s natural ability to clot blood, increasing your chances of experiencing excessive bleeding. Avoid drinking several weeks prior to your surgery, and hydrate with water instead. 

Choosing an inexperienced plastic surgeon

Crucial Plastic Surgery Mistakes

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While cost is an integral factor when choosing a plastic surgeon, you must not prioritize it over the quality of your surgery. Your plastic surgeon plays a key role in your plastic surgery success, so choosing a trusted and reputable plastic surgeon is vital. Do your research several weeks beforehand and look for an experienced doctor that fits your budget and plastic surgery needs. 

Get referrals from loved ones who’ve recently undergone plastic surgery. Check your potential surgeon credentials and read client reviews from various third-party platforms. Interview at least three to four plastic surgeons, and remember to ask for their safety protocols. When consulting with possible surgeons, watch out for red flags and ensure you’re comfortable with your chosen plastic surgeon. Once you’ve selected your surgeon, be transparent with them to ensure you receive the best possible results. 

Getting plastic surgery requires dedication, planning, and a healthy mindset. Remember to avoid these mistakes and enjoy the entire process. 

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