What Is the Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy?

When it comes to surrogacy topic, there are always a lot of subtle details you need to discover. Even nowadays, there are still many biases and controversies you can come across on any forum about resorting to surrogacy services. Some say that it’s against the law, and others consider it like something humiliating. However, it’s still the one perfect way to have a child if you can’t carry it yourself.

When a mother-to-be wants to have a baby with the help of a surrogacy clinic, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, it’s legal in our World Center of Baby. We are the surrogacy agency assisting many people, including straight and gay, to make their dream come true. We are LGBT+ friendly, and we are ready to make each of our clients happy!

Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy

source: surrogate.com

To begin with, in our surrogacy agency, you can get either IVF (gestational surrogate) or conventional surrogacy. What is the difference? There exist several types of surrogate mothers:

  • Traditional surrogate. It’s the woman who carries your baby throughout the whole pregnancy period. It’s the biological mother of your child since her eggs are inseminated by the father’s sperm;
  • IVF or gestational surrogate. It’s another type of surrogacy, which is called “in vitro fertilization” It allows taking the eggs from a mother-to-be, then inseminates them with the father’s sperm, and places them in the surrogate uterus. In this way, you are considered a “birth mother”.

Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy

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Besides, they also differ in cost. You can get all the detailed price-list information on our World Center of Baby website. Since our World Center of Baby gives you these surrogacy solutions all around the world the prices vary due to this fact too. We provide clients with our services in Colombia, Greece, Ukraine, the USA, Ireland, Cyprus, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, and Georgia.

What is interesting is that one of the most positive attitudes among these countries’ governments has Ukraine, Kiev. There, we have the clinic. So, you can consult with us at any moment. Besides, we have another medical center in Cyprus, where you can also come and get help.

Who Can Use IVF and Surrogacy Parenthood?

Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy

source: surrogate.com

Thousands of people dream about having a child. But for some reason, they can’t make it. So, let’s cover those cases when you can resort to medical help in our World Center of Baby:

  1. Uterus issues. It includes particular problems with the uterus that make it impossible to carry a baby;
  2. Genera health issues. It might be risky for you to give birth due to some heart or other severe disease;
  3. Orientation. If you’re in a gay-male relationship, it’s the opportunity for you to start a new life with your beloved one.

What special about our center is that we don’t have any bias at all. Our best team of professional medical workers is so responsive and diligent, that you won’t hesitate another minute whether to turn to us. We’re proud to carry our noble mission to help our clients!

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