Smart Cities and the Architecture of Future


The world we live in is continuously growing, changing, evolving, and being redefined. With new technological advancements and improvements in innovation, our lives are changing at a fast pace. While we develop socially, technologically, and economically, it is equally vital for us to have a modernistic outlook of the cities that we live in. 

What is a Smart City? 



We can compare a smart city to a smartphone – equipped with all the latest technological and social developments. They have all the latest amenities, including quality health and education, and follow sustainable waste management practices to minimize waste production and convert it into a useful resource. Smart in that case means utilizing waste, including sewage, into electric energy. In short, smart cities are empowered to follow all the principles of sustainable development to work towards a healthier and safer future. One trustworthy and reliable resource that can help you ideate and achieve futuristic architecture is an architectural visualization studio, Omega Render. 

What do we mean by “Smart”?

One thing that is important for one to remember is that the word “smart” does not necessarily amount to the level of technology, automation, or artificial intelligence used. It is the approach that one has towards a situation. In a smart city, all the citizens are self-aware and conscientious. They recognize the need to adopt sustainable development principles and conserve and preserve. 

What’s next? 



With such revolutionary developments in our daily lives, we must change the way we look at architecture. Our surroundings are the building blocks of modern cities. 

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The most prominent way to recognize a smart city is to look at the kind of architecture present in that city. 

Again, it is not only about the structural beauty, but the creativity, and the intrinsic artistic, cultural, and environmental planning that goes into constructing it. Smarter and more artistically innovative designs are what smart cities are now looking at, mostly on the conceptual force. One of the concepts used while designing the architecture for a smart city, which essentially will become the norm in the future, is breaking out of the traditional conventions of designing. These conventions limit the design scape and may become an obstructive hurdle to innovative ideation. One way to overcome this is to adopt design thinking, take inspiration from the past, add your elements to it, and create something new. 

It is crucial to understand that big. Elaborating ideas are of no real value unless they are people with awareness, experience, expertise, and willingness to work at the ground level to convert those ideas into reality. As technology improves and a new advent in science and arts, architecture and design will become less inanimate and more living. Artists borrow from everyday life and the dreams, wishes, and aspirations of human beings. Instead of creating fancy structures, intelligent designers and architects will listen to and observe the city’s wants and needs. And modern society, which will lead to architecture being improved by humans, is wanting more. 

Smart architecture innovations



Here are two of the most beautiful futuristic architectural innovations, which are Omega Render’s visualization projects: 

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Triada Tower

It is a 222-meter skyscraper architecture based on sustainable principles, created to complement Chicago, US. This mixed-use tower has risen to become a prominent feature of the skyline. It has been the pioneer of a new eco-friendly approach in new age high-rise design and construction. 

One of the most distinguishing features of this building is the composition, which consists of three volumes of structures connected with a steel superstructure. Each level of the building has been assigned a specific function. Together, they provide a very aesthetic feel to the entire structure. 

The project provides various features like top block houses, high-end apartments, and a five-star hotel with an open terrace and a swimming pool. The designers thought out of other vital peculiarities to serve the community as well. 

Project for Fran Silvestre Arquitectos



The concept of this building as visualized by the architects is unique and universal, relating to the fact that it can be located anywhere globally. The main idea behind the concept was to show the jungle in the rendering background, which is a vision similar to the Chinese skyscrapers. 

The building’s main feature is the beautiful, soul-touching, seemingly elusive facade, composed of two finishing materials: the metal mesh and the glass, which makes the building appear different every time you change your distance from it.

As you come nearer to the building, you will see it in a new and previously unexplored way. It will always reflect day and night lights to give an almost ethereal feel and beautifully capture the seasons’ spirit.

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Thus, as we look at the future, it becomes more essential for us to understand the concept of visualization, design thinking, and creativity. We need to make ourselves mentally prepared for the changing world around us. Moreover, we can take a step forward to make our cities smart. 

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