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DIY face paint ideas for kids

Face painting is a unique and fun way to dress up the kids for the particular occasion or casually to cheer them up. As children prefer to play with colors and making them transform into any of their favorite fairytale characters using face paint can bring a smile to their face and make you feel glad as well. So, there can be numerous DIY face paint ideas for kids that can uplift their energies and make them feel special about themselves.

Let’s take a look at our top five picks for the DIY face paint ideas for kids that won’t break your bank and give oodles of smiles to your kids.

Butterfly Face Paint for Girls

DIY Face Paint Ideas for Kids - Butterfly Face Paint for Girls


If your little angel is fond of playing with butterflies and feel glad to see the beautiful butterflies turning into your garden area, then you can opt for butterfly face paint. It is super easy and fun to paint the face with butterfly with wings accompanied by a flared dress that would give a high to her imagination. Also, her happiness would know no bounds, and you can see your daughter oozing with confidence.

A Cute Puppy Face Paint for Kids

DIY Face Paint Ideas for Kids - A Cute Puppy Face Paint for Kids


Your little kid loves to play with dogs and puppies, and you can see the bonding of the little one with his friends, so what can be better than having the cute puppy face paint. It’s the simple and smooth paint job that can make your kid look super cute and stand apart from the rest of the crowd. You can use black and white colors to highlight eyes and nose area with red colored tongue wiggling out that is drawn to perfection.

Superhero Face Paint for Boys

DIY Face Paint Ideas for Kids - Superhero Face Paint for Boys


The children in your home are crazy for superhero-themed clothes and accessories and always look forward to showing their hidden superhero talent. So, the use of superhero face paint would work best for your kids. Also, it takes only a few minutes to get your kid’s face paint done with the superhero theme. All you need to do is to pick the color of the choice of your kids and draw a headband with the prominent color and make a small star in the center of the forehead. It would give a cool look to your kids, and it’s all more fun to make it.

Tiger Face Paint

DIY Face Paint Ideas for Kids - Tiger Face Paint


The children love to play with their soft toys, and their favorite toy is the tiger: they consider as their best friend. Moreover, they like the pattern of stripes as well, so you can make them fascinated with the tiger face paint. It’s quite a simple design as you need to apply the white paint around the eyes, use the orange color around the cheek area and draw the strips on the cheek and the forehead area. You can make use of black color on the tip of the nose to highlight the whole face.

Clown Face Paint

DIY Face Paint Ideas for Kids - Clown Face Paint


Your kid is going to a party, and you are short of time, and you need to dress up your little one flawlessly, and that too without much hassle. So, here’s the clown theme face paint for your kid. It’s a super cute and fun way to highlight the simple features of a clown using two colors of your kid’s preference.

You need to draw the triangle on the left side of the forehead and close to the cheek on the same side. You can draw red colored circles on both sides of the cheeks and can complement the entire look with a beautiful hat.

If you are hosting a birthday party for your kid, you have an option to hire a face painting artist who can draw adorable designs with eco-friendly paints.

To sum up, these are the top five easy face paint ideas for kids that would transform them into their favorite characters and make them shine at the party.

Moreover, you can enhance their looks using the nontoxic and safe paint colors that won’t harm the sensitive skin of the kids. So, gear up your kids for a glamorous look at a party that would make them look strikingly different and confident.

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