8 Beautiful DIY Plant Hanger Ideas to Adorn Your Home

DIY plant hanger

Every homely person’s first wish is to have his perfectly decorated home! Presently, there are many ways to adorn your house in general or according to a certain theme! But what is better than adorns it with plants? Plants make the home beautiful, and even it is good for health too. 

Nowadays, plant hangers are literally trending because of their looks and easiness. Making a decent DIY plant hanger isn’t rocket science; it’s quite basic and straightforward.

It’s nice to have a variety of hanging interior plants miami around the house. They could not only enhance the attractiveness of your home, but they can also boost your mood and well-being.

The majority of these plant hangers take a few hours to create and are simple enough that anyone can do them. These do-it-yourself plant hangers are very cheap to create. The hangers require only a few items and can all be tailored to your preference and plant size.

Let’s look into these eight best DIY plant hanger ideas to accessorize your home and make it green. 

Twine plant hanger

DIY plant hanger

source: ebuy.com

Make a lovely twine plant hanging to brighten up your home. It will undoubtedly bring out the best in your home’s appearance. These cute little pieces spruce the space and are also easy and quick to make.

The secret to making a twining plant hanger is to bend the twine in halves and tie the enclosed end securely. In a matter of minutes, you can create a robust and effective piece of home décor that showcases the elegance of houseplants.

Plant hanger with an embroidered hoop

DIY plant hanger

source: meredithcorp.io

Who thought that we would be able to build a plant hanger with embroidered hoops? But yes, we can. You can easily build a lovely, simple, and trendy plant hanger with a handful of embroidery hoops. 

Embroidered hoops have always been a popular craft item. They are a very adaptable and readily available resource. Unclip the embroidery hoops and detach the inner rings to produce an embroidered hoops planter. So what are you waiting for? Beautify your home right away. 

Neon macrame hanger plant

DIY plant hanger

source: pinterest.com

The art of macrame can also be used as a therapy to boost your mental talents. So, start knotting your Neon cords to build interesting plant hangers, which will retain the succulents in a great high plank position.

It will provide a boho-chic décor accent to your home while being a fairly affordable sort of décor to make. It simply takes 30 minutes to make this macrame hanging plant.

Give it as a charming handcrafted gift, or use it to spruce up your home decor. It will be rocking in whichever way you want. To construct this wonderful macrame hanging planter, use the square, 1⁄2 square knot, and ring ties.

Ombre plant hanger

plant hanger

source: shopify.com

DIY plant hangers are among the most intriguing macrame crafts! It is becoming viral on the internet! These macrame plant hangers allow any homeowner to create ever-beautiful dangling gardens! These dangling pots and gardens add a natural touch to your living areas in a trendy way!

This task is all about adding color to your braided macrame hangers because you can’t always maintain your home décor looking the very same. So, effectively make your macrame hanger and drop them in your chosen dye mix to achieve an Ombre effect. To build these plant hangers, you’ll require liquid dye, salt, a stir stick, and gloves.

DIY jute plant hanger

DIY plant hanger

source: thesprucecrafts.com

This DIY jute plant hanger was created especially for a joyous wedding. It looks gorgeous and wonderful when combined with florals, rose gold, macrame, wood hues, and colorful vases.

So, whether you’re planning a wedding or want to bring life and color to your room, this fantastic DIY plant hanger is a must-have.

Everything you need is a Jute string, a plant pot, and a plant to do this project. Simply cut six equal pieces of jute rope, put a little to dangle beneath the plant a little more forties, put everything together, and keep repeating until done. And your cute, beautiful DIY jute bag is ready!

Cute Mason jar hanging planter

DIY plant hanger

source: homebnc.com

Have you ever heard of storing herbs in a nice mason jar? Wouldn’t it be lovely to add some color to your home with an indoor herb garden?

This Mason Jar hanging herb planter is perfect for a tiny space. It is quite simple to make. Begin by placing some pebbles in the container base, then adding a couple of inches of soil to plant the herb and tying it all together with string. As a substitute to the Mason Jar, you could use used tin cans with a base but no cap.

Wall hanging planter

plant hanger

source: pinterest.com

This massive dramatic wall planter DIY can enhance your life with greenery! What a fantastic idea to transform the entire wall into a tiny garden and enjoy the hot summer each day.

It required drilling holes in your walls to put the steel mesh on the wall to retain the plant. Steel mesh comes in several forms and sizes, allowing you to simply personalize it to your liking.

Not to mention that this incredible wall plant hanging can also double as a unique room divider. If you’re searching for something unique, flexible, and capable of making an impact in your house, this vertical wall plant system is the ideal solution!

Pottery barn hanging plant

DIY plant hanger

source: potterybarn.com

One of the nicest hanging decorations that any homey person will like. Begin by tying the tassel together. The tassel is constructed from a piece of cardboard and string. It’s a wonderful project for house decor that you’ll enjoy having.

You will need an air plant, crochet thread, hardwood beads, a 3′′ glass votive container, and a foam sphere to complete this craft. Simply using a cardboard piece and string to build the tassel will result in a very lovely dangling accent.

Wrapping up

DIY plant hanger

source: apartmenttherapy.info

If you enjoy hanging plants on your porch or want to update your outdated space, making a plant hanger to deliver the flowers and plants is a decision you will never regret. Plant hangers are quite simple to make. They are also ideal for decorating in accordance with your present home decor. You can leave it natural, minimalist, or add a splash of color.

Accentuate your planter and pot decorating with these DIY plant hanger patterns, which are a low-cost way to upgrade your home decor. They are the finest method to incorporate greenery and your favorite flowers into a bedroom or any area in your house.

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