Facts on Interior Design and Decoration

Facts on Interior Design and Decoration

Interior design and decoration have impacted people’s life from various aspects of life. You want to have a well-decorated house where you can enjoy your precious time with your loved ones; you can have appraisals from your related ones and friends or a place where you can wash out your stress after having a hectic schedule. Interior design or decoration doesn’t mean showcasing others. It also refers that interior decoration and design helps people to portray their own lifestyle, personality, gratitude, and creative mind. So let’s get elaborated with Interior design and Decoration.

Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration

Facts on Interior Design and Decoration - Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration

Interior design and decoration might have similar soundings, but practically it has a lot of change up between two phrases. Most of the people pose these two with similar kind of descriptions but not that. Interior designing is a particular way of implementing science and art to create a living space for people. Interior designing is a calculated way to have your planned texture and rooms where they can apply numerous creative ideas and technical solutions. On the other side, interior decoration is recreating a space with attractive decors and solutions to beautify the particular space or corner. Interior designing leads with proper planning, research analysis, integration of the knowledge where interior decoration is fully based upon the attractiveness and exposing the self in your own space.   

Elements of Interior Design

Facts on Interior Design and Decoration - Space

Discussing the elements of interior designing, the first thing that comes to our list is ‘space.’ Space is the primary level requirement by which designers can imagine a soothing environment. Space is generally divided into two types-two dimensional spaces covering the floor and three-dimensional spaces, creating the living space secular. A deep juxtaposition is bound to come between positive and negative spaces. Therefore architects have solved with an equilibrium between them. However, meal-planning is truly negative towards people as they usually place ultra modern furniture in a large number and ask to modify their every corner. Overcrowding and skimping are two major factors that can harm the entire harmony of the space.


Facts on Interior Design and Decoration - Line

The line is the major source of forms and shapes of various kinds of furniture and decors. The line mainly defines the actual contrast of the color-shades, exposing the sense of harmony, recreating each corner with creativity. There are three categories of the interior-line-horizontal lines, vertical lines, and dynamic lines.  Horizontal lines stress upon the shapes of the furniture like table, chair, beds. In the other portion, vertical lines are guided in emoting fresh and expansive nature. Lastly, the dynamic lines are mainly used in stairs. An architect is broadly known about these lines and its importance in beautifying the space.

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Facts on Interior Design and Decoration - Light

Light is one of the most obvious elements of the designers’ section. Without eye-soothing lighting, all the textures, spaces, patterns, wall-colors have no way to be handled. Light lifts up an ambiance and mood of a living space highlighting the glorious colors and wall paintings. This moderation takes great planning of doors and windows where the natural light can uplift your space with interest. It’s not that artistic artificial lights only can enhance the beautification. Natural light also can make your space gorgeous. Man-made artificial lights are categorized into three major types-Task lightings, Accent lighting, and lastly Mood lighting. Task lighting is referred to as the mainstream light sources like table lamp, tube lights; Accent lighting is highly preferred to highlight any of your texture, paintings, achievements, or wallpapers. Lastly, the mood lighting is preferred according to the mood of the owner in some private spaces like a study room, bar-point, and dining place.


Facts on Interior Design and Decoration - Color

Color inside the rooms should be selected as highly contrasting matching with the floor. Architects mainly select the solid colors for wall or attractive portion of your space. As colors imply an aesthetic connection between objects and mood, you will feel sudden energetic finding your beautiful wall with a solid color in the background. For example, red color is an exact choice for dining space; green is perfect for the bedroom as it defines tranquility and health. Each color has three diversities, namely Hue, Value, and Intensity. There are various sections in the interior color selection where we can find numerous matches for grooming your space.

Tricks and Tips for Decoration
Mixing old and new décor

Facts on Interior Design and Decoration - Mixing old and new décor

Mixing old and new decors are one of the fantastic choices for interior decoration programs. As an example, your drawing place has a brilliant ultramodern table with and an old but royal wall clock. It seems like beauty comes from the perfect blend of ordinary and extraordinary mixtures. This reveals a great personality who remembers the old ethnic items as well as he follows the trend.

Showcasing ordinary spaces with wallpapers

Facts on Interior Design and Decoration - Showcasing ordinary spaces with wallpapers

Showcase your empty spaces with cool, creative wallpapers, color shades, or your own memorable snaps. This will make that empty space a highly decorated corner. The sophistication can be brought by several framing from your gallery-scout. Whenever you look that masterpiece in the wall, you will highly admire the presentation. Therefore showcasing something creative can make a normal space very interesting.

Choosing the right bulb

Facts on Interior Design and Decoration - Choosing the right bulb

Choosing the right bulb is as important as choosing the right colors. These decorated bulbs can increase any corner’s value two times. People will get attracted to your lighting. This is not that all unique bulb systems have smaller prices in the store, but people are availing it rejecting those old creepy, boring bulbs. In today’s world, almost all the companies have focused on their lighting solutions, and they found that investing some extra money, they can have a brighter light with eye-soothing ambiance.  As an example, mild eye-soothing lights are preferable in your dining place; bright light is needed for your study or workplace, dimming night bulbs are required in your bedroom.

There are numerous solutions to showcase your space with some fantastic decoration like Upgrading the light switches, Adding a bar, Whitening the kitchens forever, and Creative decorations as well.

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