55+ Funny Star Wars Wifi Names for Router You’ll Love

Star Wars WiFi Names 6

Do you love Star Wars and want to show it off with your Wi-Fi? Or maybe you’re looking for a cool name for your router? This article is for you! We’ve got a list of the best Star Wars Wi Fi names that will make your internet connection the envy of the neighborhood.

Even if you haven’t seen all the Star Wars movies, these Mandalorian wifi names are fun and easy to understand. So ditch your boring old Wi-Fi name and pick a new one from our list of Star Wars router names!

Star Wars WiFi Names 1

source: wikipedia.com

Funny Star Wars WiFi Names

LAN Solo

Chewie! We Are at Home!

Oh, My Internet. How I Have Missed You!

Suck My Force

Go Router Rangers

So This Is How Liberty Dies. With thunderous Wi-Fi.

You Were My Brother, Anakin. I Wi-Fi You.

Han Connected First

Sith-Kabob My Lightsaber.

Two Jawa Walk Under a Bar

It’s Getting Hoth in Here.

I Went with Echo Base for a While.

Death Star Wireless Zone

Looking for Wi-Fi in Alderaan Places.

This Is Not the Network You Are Looking For.

Surf, or Surf Not… There Is No Wi-Fi.

Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi.

The Jedi Knight of Night

Roger Roger Router

Game of Clones

Star Wars WiFi Names 2

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Star Wars WiFi Names 3

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Interesting Star Wars WiFi Names

The Internet Will Be With You. Always.

I Am Your WiFi.

I Am No Jedi. I Am the Internet.

The Last Jedi.

Obi-LAN Kenobi.

Luke Skyrouter.

The LAN of No Return.

A Long Time Ago, in a Router Far, Far Away.

Captain LANma.

Jedi Master.

Death Star Exhaust Port Control.

Secret Rebel Base on Hoth.

Embrace the Power of the Wi-Fi.

Credits Will Do Wi-Fine.

Return of the LAN.

Revenge of the Internet.

This Is My Galaxy.

The Wings of Fire.

AT-AT Manufacturing Facility Server.

Grand Moff Tarkin.

Star Wars WiFi Names 4

source: starwars.com

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Star Wars WiFi Names 5

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Hilarious Star Wars WiFi Names

Oh, My Internet. How I Have Missed You!

Never Tell Me the Odds!

Let the Wi-Fi Key Win.

Error, Unable to Connect.


There Is Always a Bigger Wi-Fi.

Somebody Has to Save Our Internet.

Internet! Unlimited Internet!

In My Experience, There Is No Such Thing as Free Internet.

Supreme LANcellor Velorum/Palpatine.

Red Wi-Five Standing By.

Major Vonreg’s Tie Interceptor.

Mustafarian Data Miners.

Gungan Forcefield Generators.

Belkin’s Cloud City.

Star Wars WiFi Names 6

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Star Wars WiFi Names 7

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To Sum Up

Star Wars fans, now you have got some inspiration. This list of cool Star Wars Wi Fi names, will bring back great memories. Pick your favorite and make your Wi-Fi the best on the block!

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