Fantastic Nail Care Tips And Solutions

Are you suffering from split nails and you want to recover from it? Are you worried that it may cost you time as well as money? If so is the problem, then you are in the right place to find out how to get rid of nail split and get a natural treatment without spending money. To find out a solution, it is always better to find the causes first so that it would be easy to find the solutions

Causes Of Nail Splitting

Here are few causes explaining what causes nail splitting-

1) Dehydration-

If you have very rough skin and usually gets dry very quickly, then know that your body lacks water. You have to drink enough water to keep your body dehydrated and this, in turn, will also help you prevent your skin and nails from getting dry.

2) Nail Paint Removers-

If you don’t know about the harmful effects of acetone, then you must see that nail paint removers of low cost consists of a higher concentration of acetone which results to the splitting of your nails.

3) Contact To Detergents-

When your soft hands come in contact with hard soaps especially when you wash dirty and heavy cotton clothes because your hands and nails get prone to dryness, therefore, causing split pins. Detergents consist of harsh chemical in order to clean the fabrics which are too hard to bear by a person who has soft skin and healthy nails.

4) Harsh Nail Polish Reactions

If you style your nails now and then you are prone to nail splits because nail paints consist of chemicals which reduce your nail’s natural lustre along with the softness.

5) Deficiency Of Hormones-

Sometimes during puberty or stages of menopause for women hormonal deficiency occurs which results to nail splitting.

Fantastic Nail Care Tips And Solutions 2

Solutions For Treating Nail Splitting

1) Oil-

Use coconut oil or vitamin E oil to heal the nail splits. If you use these oils daily, then you will see better results very soon. You can do this before going to bed. You can store your nail oil in empty Nail Polish Bottles.

2) Avoid Nail Polish-

If you are suffering from nail damage then start avoiding nail polish because the nail polish bottle manufacturer uses harsh chemicals to make that nail paint bottle look too cute to attract your eyes so that you buy them.

3) Wear Gloves-

You have to wear gloves in extreme weather conditions, such as extreme heat and cold in order to prevent yourself from nails splitting. This not only protects your nails but also your skin from getting dry or tanned.

4) Take Biotin Supplements-

The multi-benefits of biotin supplements provide vitamins and minerals that can cure your nail problems like brittle nails, split nails, etc., along with your body problems. So it is better that you visit your doctor and take biotin supplements which are prescribed and recommended to you.

5) Use Petroleum Jelly-

Your nails are formed by thick layers of skin, and that is why it is hard. So just like you apply petroleum jelly to moisturize your skin, in the same way, apply it to your partner’s nails to cure the brittle and splits that are caused due to the constant use of flat nail paints and removers.

6) Change Your Habit-

If you are habituated to paint your nails with different colors, then you can replace your habit by filling up natural oils in your empty nail polish bottles.

Well Maintenance

The solution to all your problems depends on how well you maintain your body. Taking healthy supplements and a balanced diet helps a lot in keeping you healthy and fit, and if you follow your method strictly then chances of suffering from such a problem will be much lower than before. Your nail problems will be solved, also the use of nail paints occasionally will give not harm your nails in anyway.

However, the nail polish bottle manufacturer should not use harsh chemicals but make use of natural elements while manufacturing nail paints so that the users do not suffer from nail splitting and go with the trend at the same time. Therefore, be careful, be aware, warn others and stay safe.

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