Five Million People Die Each Year From Waterborne Disease

How to pervent Dengue

Water saves our life; on the other hand, water is the reason behind a lot of people’s death. Water pollution is increasing day by day, and it is becoming a reason behind a lot of diseases as well. Where water should save your life and give you a healthy living, can you imagine water being the reason for your death? Well, water can be the reason. Water can consist of some unwanted minerals which come from garbage, industrial waste, human waste, or even animal waste, and this can be very harmful, not human health as well as nature. Dengue is a very common disease in every alternative home; unpurified water is a significant reason behind that. The waterborne disease generally happens if you drink unpurified water or eat food washed in water, which is nothing but polluted.

According to the WHO, 80% of diseases are waterborne. In India, most of the groundwater is not fit for drinking as it consists of iron, fluoride, salinity, and arsenic. Dengue can affect badly on a human body and can lead to death in just a few days. But there are mainly two reasons behind this waterborne disease.


Dirt and Contamination



Plastic, virus, and bacteria organisms are the reasons why the water gets contaminated. Water contamination cause disease and the reason behind this are human and animal waste.



water pollution 3


Industrial wastage or agricultural chemical is the main reason for water pollution. Dangerous chemicals and nitrates get in touch with water and make it polluted.

Now, let’s look at a few facts about dengue fever though considering water as a significant reason.

What is Dengue Fever?

dengue-fever 4


Dengue is a flu-like disease, which is very painful. Dengue virus carried mostly by the female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes when they come in touch with the water; it can be carried forward to the human body. Unpurified water can be a basic reason, but other reasons are also present there. Dengue can be carried via people.

What are the Symptoms



Most of the people experience fever up to 104 degrees, after five to ten-day they are being bitten. The fever is very dangerous; it can give you a severe migraine for the rest of your life. Other than that, you will experience excessive joint and back pain, pain behind the eyes, and you might also feel like your bones are breaking. However, dengue is also known as backbone fever.

How Serious Is It

How serious it is death5


It is as serious as you can be assured that a hundred people are dying each year because of this. Though a lot of people are also there who recover after 7 or 10 days. Most of the people develop dengue hemorrhagic fever once the initial fever declines. In the long run, it can cause severe bleeding, organ damage, dehydration, and lastly death. Taking a few actions towards healthy living can save a life, dengue is a perfect example of that. You should start good habits such as drinking purified water as early as possible to prevent this kind of dangerous waterborne diseases.

Why is Dengue Everywhere



You can blame globalization. Mosquitos tend to breed in leftover water and good that is traded. Till now, most of the cities have a lack of water pipe issue. The leaked water get in touch with pool water or even drinking water sometimes. This is a significant reason why dengue is everywhere. You can prevent this by installing a water purifier in your home and give you and your family a healthy life.

How to Prevent Dengue Fever

How to pervent Dengue


Well, you can not stop it but of course, being a bit more conscious you can prevent it. You should start a few things from now on, such as drinking purified water.

Let’s See The Benefits of Purified Water

Now you know, water can prevent diseases like dengue, which are known as waterborne diseases. But there are a few more benefits you should be aware of.

  • While the tap water contains contaminants from chemical, metal, biological impurities and that can lead to waterborne disease. The purified water will remove the contaminants from your drinking water and make it pure
  • Water purifier only removes harmful contaminants from drinking water, because there are a few things that are good for your health. Water purifier only removes which are not at all useful or good
  • If you are drinking unpurified water, high chances that you are not drinking minerals with it. Water purifier does not remove the minerals from your regular drinking water and keeps your immune. Minerals contain iron, calcium, and manganese, which are good for your body. Iron is essential for form red blood cells; calcium and manganese play a very significant role in blood clotting and bone formation
  • Drinking a proper amount of pure water daily, you can stay away from diseases like cancer. Moreover, water will give you good hydration which your body needs and good digestion which your stomach needs. Balancing the body and stomach will lead to entire disease-free life
  • If you are a beauty freak, you should be aware of the fact that drinking a lot of pure water will keep your skin hydrated and give you an inner glow. Your skin will be moisturized because of the proper cellular formation underneath the layers of your skin.

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Not only this, there are a lot of benefits you can achieve from drinking purified water every day. Diseases are something that you should try to avoid by making some good habits, and this is undoubtedly the first step towards it. To keep a safe distance from these kinds of harmful waterborne disease, you better install a water purification system at your home so that you and your family can stay happily ever after. Because sickness can make us sad at the same time, it can be painful for family members and us, especially if there are any children. In this situation, drinking water plays an important role. Because Dengue occurs due to water contamination.



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