GeoTargeting Pro- An Asset For Local-Based Marketing

It is challenging for small businesses and startups to gain a competitive edge in today’s corporate scenario – they need to formulate a distinct brand identity by showcasing their business address and invest in a credible phone system. Opening the channels for smooth two-way communication is a great way for organizations to capture a large target audience and build a positive brand reputation in new markets.


With the advent of globalization, many companies are conducting an online local business in multiple locations – in such cases, they face a number of obstacles in their routine functioning. Companies need to change their business model, product offerings and content based on client’s geographical locations – it’s a tough task for managers and not easy on the pocket either.

Small businesses need to cater for different pricing models for different geographical zones based on local currencies. Organizations also need to develop specialized content that is curated for local readers to gain interest in their products and services. Investing in a reliable virtual phone system such as Callhippo online phone number is a great way to adopt revolutionary technological platforms and enhance the quality of local-based marketing in different locations.

How Exactly Can GeoTargeting Pro Help Your Business?

GeoTargeting Pro is the future of telecommunications – this radical wordpress plugin helps to display different content on wordpress based on the geolocation of the user. This makes it possible to display different phone numbers based on each client’s location, thereby enhancing the personal touch and boosting user engagement. It is a user-friendly and quick process that can help any growing business establish a strong local presence, e.g If your organization has a New York virtual phone number as it operates in the United States, GeoTargeting Pro makes it possible to use separate short codes to target specific countries or regions, and display the local number that is most suitable for customer calls.

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There is no doubt that GeoTargeting Pro is a new-age innovative solution that can help marketers in their quest of capturing a local customer base effectively. Many organizations are skeptical about jumping onboard this comprehensive platform, however it is definitely the ideal choice for any business that is operating in multiple international locations.

Getting a CallHippo business phone will help your organization accrue all the benefits associated with GeoTargeting Pro, and enhance profitability parameters instantly! Here are some instantaneous advantages that your company can accrue through using GeoTargeting Pro to display different phone numbers in WordPress for different locations:

Personalized Service: One of the most amazing benefits of using GeoTargeting Pro on your office phone system is that your organization will be able to offer personalized services and content to clients from particular geographic regions. It boosts customized product offerings for customers and displays options that are best suited for them. Customers remain super happy with such personalized support and services, thus remain retained and loyal to your organization.

Know Your Customers Better: Location based services offered by GeoTargeting Pro is the best way to get to know your customers preferences and adapt to providing them superior quality service. Virtual phone systems will be able to record, track and analyze consumer choices and preferences, thereby giving your organization complete knowledge to keep them retained in the long run.

Offer Different Pricing Based on Location: GeoTargeting Pro is a great business asset for companies with customers across the globe. It automatically displays product prices in the default currencies, and also shows the existing exchange rates for seamless transactions. Clients will instantly have the price context, and will be able to take informed decisions with respect to monetary aspects.

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Show Different Ad Links to Different Country Users: GeoTargeting Pro is a potent marketing tool, and it can be used to show advertisement links to users most suited to their specific interests. You can divert your international call traffic, and optimize advertising function by specifically targeting clients from particular countries – a smart business strategy that will increase bottom line results exponentially!

If your business organization or startup receives calls from all over the world, Geotargeting can help in different numbers in WordPress for callers from various countries – this can help managers in planning impactful location based marketing and gathering a huge target client base in overseas markets. For example: If you have a New York business phone, GeoTargeting will allow your organization to design content, display local currency rates, give language options and show specific products for customers calling from a specific geographical area, thereby keeping them delighted by providing customized service.







Use the services of a sophisticated and novel business phone system to optimize conversion rate, boost customer retention and foster team collaboration. Displaying different numbers in wordpress through GeoTargeting is a must-have tool for any modern business organization – it can immediately enhance efficiency, productivity and satisfaction levels, thereby taking your organization to the peak of commercial success!

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