Mental Health Resolutions to Set for 2019

The majority of us keep setting similar goals every New Year; that of quitting smoking, losing weight, putting an end to the habit of drinking alcohol, or investing money in your physical health. Amidst taking care of our physical health and helping ourselves lose weight, we tend to forget about one of the most vital things in life – our mental health. How are we going to feel good about ourselves this New Year? We have to remember that our mental health is equally important as our physical health and just as we set an appointment with a doctor to treat our physical health, the case should be same with our mental health.

While you can get mental health advice from or other mental health guides such as Psychology Today, you can also take some DIY steps to stay healthy in general. Read on to know about the resolutions you can make in 2019.

Resolution #1: You need to work on your patience

If you ask any mental health advisor about the first thing that you should work on, you will find him telling you that you need to adjust to all the changes that are going on around you, and hence you should work on your patience. This starts with a small step which can get hard and take its toll on you. In case you slip and you’re not able to manage your patience, you should try once again the next day.


 Resolution #2: Try and find joy in the smaller things in life

As long as social media is concerned, you constantly keep watching the bigger achievements of other people, and there are times when we tend to feel bad regarding ourselves. So, instead of watching other people’s actions, it is better to celebrate on the smaller things in life so that you can feel happy about your smaller achievements. It’s also important to remember that social media life is largely a façade. It’s better to focus on yourself and not focus on life online.


Resolution #3: Self-care days are a must!

Create a diary and set dates for taking care of yourself on specific dates. Even though that may just be once a month, you can take a Sunday off. Set a plan of action on how exactly you’re going to treat yourself. You may opt for a spa day, going out to the movies, or going out for the best ice cream Sunday. Either of these options sound like a great plan, and one that can have a dramatic impact on your mental health.


Your brain will try to turn everything into a regular habit and hence you will need to save your energy in such a way that you can take good care of yourself. Just remember: you can do it!

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