Get Best Apartment Deals in Dubai at Affordable Rates

Get Best Apartment Deals in Dubai at Affordable Rates

High property rates and property demand are big barriers for those willing to buy property in Dubai. However, the rates have decreased within the last two years which has made it easier for many people to buy property in various luxurious areas of Dubai. The same trend can also be seen in rental rates which were quite higher in 2017. People living in economical homes can move in luxurious apartments and get the best use of this opportunity. If you are looking for some great apartment deals in Dubai, then you have landed at the right place as we are going to share the details of six amazing deals available in the market.

1) Deira

best apartment deals in Dubai - Deira


It’s one of the most popular areas for an apartment in Dubai due to the luxurious amenities it offers to residents. The place is adjacent to famous shopping malls while easy commute and superstores also add value to the worth of the place. Rates of Deira apartments are way down in this year as compared to last year and the average annual price of a one-bedroom apartment is AED 65, 000 that is 15.5% lesser than last year. Likewise, the annual rent rates of a 2-bedroom apartment have reduced up to 16.3% which is now available at the cost of AED 92, 000. However, rents for studios have not reduced much and only a 5% decline has observed in the rental rates. To rent a studio, you have to pay an average of AED 38, 000 annually.

2) International City

best apartment deals in Dubai - International City


Dubai’s real estate sector is progressing rapidly and has become the most popular investment sector in the world. Investors looking for the best real estate deals in Dubai shouldn’t miss International City that is the second most popular areas for apartments. As the prices have dropped, it’s expected the popularity of the place will also increase and more investors will show their interest in the area. 16% decline in prices have observed in the studio flats and now they are available at AED 31, 000 per year. 16% and 7% rates have dropped down for one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments and their annual rents are AED 42000 and AED 65, 000 respectively.

3) Al Nahda

best apartment deals in Dubai - Al Nahda


A significant decline has noticed in Al Nahda studio apartments which are more than any other place in Dubai. After the 11% reduction in rents of the studio apartments, the current price is AED 40,000 that is within the range of many investors who couldn’t pay rents before due to the high rates. The lower rates one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments have made them accessible for investors with limited-budget. 9.1% and 9.4% reduction in annual rental rates of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments encourages investors and businessmen to consider these apartments for rental purposes. The recent prices of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are AED 50,000 and AED 67, 000 respectively.

4) Jumeirah Village Circle

best apartment deals in Dubai - Jumeirah Village Circle


It’s another luxurious property which prices were quite at the beginning of 2017 and 2018, but the rates have reduced a lot in 2019. The sharp come down of prices have made it a great choice for people who want to move in a better place that offers more amenities and safety. In the result of 10% reduction in rents, AED 45,000 is the annual rent of studios while one-bedroom apartments are available an average of AED 65, 000 that is a decline of 7% in the rates. Enjoy 5% lower rental rates for two-bedroom flats which you can get at the cost of AED 95, 000.

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5) Jumeirah Lakes Towers

best apartment deals in Dubai - Jumeirah Lakes Towers


Spacious roads, quality living standards, and eateries, and shopping facilities are some amazing features of Jumeirah Lakes Towers. The recent progress in the area make it no less than Dubai Marina and it’s not wrong to say that JLT is another Dubai Marina situated on the other side of Sheikh Zayed Road. The prices of studios have reduced up to 7.7% that becomes AED 60, 000. After the decline of 6.8% property rates, one-bedroom apartments will cost AED 82, 000 while 2-bedroom apartments will cost AED 115, 000 that is 8% lesser than the last year prices.

6) Dubai Marina

best apartment deals in Dubai - Dubai Marina


Dubai Marina is property desirable to live and offers all amenities to its residents one can think of. Statistics collected by various authentic websites including Bayut prove it the most popular place for apartments in 2017. The recently declined rates of property have made it the first choice of every investor looking for a great real estate opportunity. 7.1% decline was observed in the rates of studios and 5% in one-bedroom apartments. Those willing to buy a studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments must have an investment of AED 65, 000, AED 95, 000, and AED 140, 000 respectively.

Dubai is a place full of luxurious amenities and high-end living standards. Its property has great value in the real world and the recently reduced rates of the property offer an amazing opportunity for investors to buy property in Dubai.

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