Google Auto Delete User History by Default After 18 Months

Google is an in-build and most common app in mobile whether it’s IOS or Android, accustomed to almost every person in the world. This an app that helps us in exploring, collecting information, in work, tracing the location of the places, and for many other daily activity purposes? Ever noticed whenever we search anything on Google the browsing history is saved, for this reason, one tries to keep privacy by editing the settings. For the same, alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai has announced the auto delete new user history on Wednesday, not just the user history would be deleted along with its location, and app activity will be deleted, after 18 months. Users can turn on or off the auto-delete option from the settings. This is only applicable to new users, as well as this option is available on the IOS user for now and will be updated soon in Android users too.


While announcing in the blog post CEO Sundar Pichai accentuated the privacy and user’s choice. Google’s new update had come up fulfilling the above-mentioned principles. Finally, the company moved out a path to automatically delete the history after 18 months or 3 months depending on the settings the user has selected as per his convince.  These new settings will be auto applicable for the new users if the user doesn’t take any action about his app search and web search, Google will auto-delete It after 18 months. Talking about Google location it will be off by default, but if the user turns it on it will auto-delete the data within 18 months. These settings will be applicable for new users only, though existing users have to set an auto-delete option from the activity controls page. 


This system also prolongs for chrome and YouTube search history, 3 months of auto-delete history will be set as default for ensuring that data must be used by these platforms. Moreover, Google had worked on easy access to incognito mode. A person uses incognito mode for the same reason that the history must not be saved,  herein Live Enhanced we are allowing incognito mode access by just putting a long press on your profile picture. Deleting history manually is a tough task for one who is tangled between his official and social life, managing time for doing such kind of useless is totally a scrap, though this update would help us by deleting our history automatically so that we don’t have to look over it also it will save our data. As google targets the recent history of the user which helps them out by ads related to it, as for now auto-delete 18-month history option is available so that Google can retain the ad value that would be available otherwise. The feature has launched on the IOS and will come soon on Android and on the other platforms too.


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