Grammatical Errors That Can Ruin Your Content

Grammatical Errors That Can Ruin Your Content

Most of the visitors of your blog post or content might love your ideas but surely will get annoyed if you have grammatical errors as mistakes can make your article look like a mess and difficult to read. This ultimately forces the reader not to further go through it.

We all know that content is the king of a webpage; however, you surely will earn more credibility and traffic if you will upload good writing with good use of syntax along with your brilliant ideas.

When your content does not include errors, almost all the readers understand your message quite easily. Hence, the more visitors understanding your message, the more they are likely to share your article with other people.

Different tools like grammar checker are undoubtedly available on the internet, but there are some errors which can easily be ignored by them. So even if you are checking your content through a grammar checker, you still must check your article for the following mistakes yourself.

1. Beginning your sentence with “there are” or “there is”

grammatical errors 1

This kind of error is usually a sign of lazy writing.
“There are much more different as well as interesting methods to begin a sentence.”
You can see how easily we make this kind of error without even realizing it.
Rather than beginning a sentence with “There are or there is,” you must attempt to change the position of the verb to the start, or simply you can start your sentence with “you.” For instance, instead of the sentence above you might write “Begin your sentences in a more compelling manner.”
If you use a lot of there is, or there are at the starting of sentences in any of your content, all the sentences will sound very similar and the reader may not expect any new information or may lose the interest in reading your article.

2. “Who” instead of “That” when referring to a person

grammatical errors 2

In your content, whenever you write regarding people you always must use who instead of that.
For instance, Emily is the girl who always plays the guitar, not the girl that always plays guitar.
It is quite easy to make this error as today the word “that” is used very frequently in daily conversation. However, as compared to the talks, this mistake is noticeable in writing so you must avoid using the excess usage of this word.

3. Using bullets that do not match

grammatical errors 3

Usage of bullet points is effective as well as the popular method to manage complex ideas. All you need to do is to ensure that your bullet match with each other.
For instance, you may be putting a numerical list for some of your points and applying bullets to the rest. Usually, this confuses the reader as which point is linked to which heading. You must ensure that every bullet point must be consistent which will enable your visitors to read your content smoothly.

4. Usage of the right tenses

grammatical errors 4

It is often recommended to maintain the tone of your content by putting the correct form of tenses since it is necessary, for instance, in storytelling.
The right form of tense will enable the reader to identify the event whether it has happened, happening or will happen in the future making the reading process flawless and clear.

5. Not writing contractions

grammatical errors 5

Which of the following sentence seems to be more engaging?

  1. I am going to a mall that is near to my house.
  2. I’m going to a mall that’s near to my house.

Obviously, you will also choose the latter one. Contradiction helps our contents to become much friendlier and make it seem a real person is having a conversation. Moreover, it also assists in connecting with your visitors.
Contradiction makes your content a comprehend one and also simpler to read. This is the reason you must add some of them in your content.

6. Using Hyphen for Connecting Words

grammatical errors 6


When you modify a specific noun with more than a single word, then you must insert a hyphen. Most of the people do not follow this rule, hence it a perfect way to show that your action suits your words.
This indicates that you must insert a hyphen if you are using words that are often used together.
Furthermore, you must keep in mind that there is no need to hyphenate modifiers with the words which end with “ly.” This is because they work fine on their own.

7. Inserting commas at right place

grammatical errors 7

Whenever the word ‘which’ is used as a descriptor you must add a comma in it. However, such grammatical rule doesn’t apply when using “that”.
For instance, “I went to the market that was closed yesterday” and “I went to the market, which was closed yesterday.”

8. Grammatical Example, Writing “more than” instead of “over”

grammatical errors 8


“Over 500 people did like your Instagram page — more than 200 did not”
Obviously, the word ‘over’ will work fine, and everyone will understand it. However, the usage of “more than” can make your content look more precise as well as more informative.
The task of a content writer revolves around the intent to create a clear and defined piece of content. By using the aforementioned grammatical tips, it will not only depict your content more current and readable but also will grab the attention of a wider audience making them understand it better.
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