The Top Seven Health & Fitness Websites of 2020

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We’ve never had access to so much health and fitness information, all of it free of charge. With that plethora of content, however, comes an awful lot of dubious, contradictory and downright harmful ‘bro-science’ being passed off as gospel. The bottom line is that you can’t trust every health and fitness website that you click onto. In this article we highlight seven that you can trust. We’ve evaluated a lot of sites, and these seven are the cream of the crop.

1AND1 Life

Health & Fitness

source: has, in a short period of time, established itself as the premium health and fitness portal online. It has done so by bringing on board world renowned experts in all health and fitness fields. These experts continually put up cutting edge content on physical, emotional, social,financial, spiritual and intellectual wellness. You will not find a site that encompasses every aspect of health so completely as 1AND1 Life.

As well as providing a wealth of health and fitness content through their blog, 1AND1 Life’s experts review a full range of related products. Every product reviewed has been tried, used or worn many times over by our team. A popular feature of the site is Off the Cuff, which is a video interview series where the smartest minds in the health and fitness world provide their insights on the issues that matter.

1and1 Life does an excellent job of providing usable, sensitive and accurate information related to emotional wellness.


T-Nation is a hardcore site dedicated to serious iron pumpers. The ‘T’ in the title refers to testosterone, the male hormone primarily responsible for strength and muscle gains. That sets the tone here, with a wealth of information geared toward getting bigger and stronger. T-Nation has regular article contributions from some of the top names in the strength game, so you know you’re getting information you can trust.


Health & Fitness


Healthline provides in depth information on all manner of health and fitness related content. Their point of difference is that every article is fully referenced with peer reviewed clinical studies. That gives the reader the confidence that every statement is backed by research. Healthline also does a great job of breaking down scientific and medical topics for the lay reader. Their content is comprehensive, covering medical conditions, exercise, supplements, mental health and nutrition.

Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness is the website that supports the iconic bodybuilding and fitness magazine that was started by fitness guru Joe Weider more than 70 years ago. While it started as a bodybuilding portal, Muscle & Fitness has become more mainstream to cover all aspects of fitness. The site is packed with ready to go workouts, the latest research findings, nutrition information, recipes, menus and much more.

Muscle & Fitness features a large amount of video content that shows you exactly how to do the workouts that they feature. Many of their articles are written by the world’s leading fitness names so you know you can rely on them. The website includes articles taken from Muscle & Fitness, Flex and M&F Hers magazines.

Girls Gone Strong

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Girls Gone Strong  (GGS) is, as the name suggests, a website dedicated to women and strength training. The popularity of the site has created an entire GGS movement. The site provides a lot of free resources, including workouts and nutrition guidelines. There is a lot of trustworthy guidance provided by fitness and nutrition professionals on this site. It also includes content specifically designed for new moms in the pre-and post natal section. GGS also operates a number of very active and supportive Facebook community groups.

Dr Axe is the most popular natural health website in the world, with more than 17 million unique visitors every month. Dr Axe is a chiropractor, doctor of natural medicine, clinical nutritionist and author. He founded the site more than  decade ago along with Jordan Rubin, a respected natural health expert and the author of The Maker’s Diet.

Dr Axe makes use of a top caliber content team that includes Chelsea Axe, expert in the field of natural health, fitness, functional movement and nutrition. She is also the wife of Dr. Axe. All articles on Dr Axe are carefully referenced, so you can have full trust in the content. Dr Axe also has a very popular YouTube channel.

Mayo Clinic

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source: is the official website of the world renowned Mayo Clinic. The website is divided into sections geared towards providing public health information, information for medical professionals and the latest medical research. The public information area provides a wealth of content that features lots of graphics to break down medical topics into easy to digest chunks of information. Information on the site is updated regularly.

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