10+ Home Decoration Ideas for Book Lovers 

home decor for book lovers

When the rest of the books are available on a single e-reader or tablet, book lovers face a new problem: how to express their passion for books. Because the Kindle has hundreds of novels, you won’t need a traditional floor-to-ceiling bookcase, or at least not one that huge. However, it’s nice to have things around the house that remind you of the evening you’ll spend with a good book and a cup of coffee.

If you’re a book nerd, you’ve probably got a lot of books scattered about your house. And many of these are books you purchased but never got around to reading! And, let’s face it, we’re all guilty of it. There’s just so much space in a house! So, what do you do with all those books you’ll never get around to reading? Why not do something artistic with them so that you can keep them around?

Bookends Organizer

home decor for book lovers

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A set of two wooden bookends that act as a desktop. Each one is modeled after a stack of great novels. On the front and sides, various hues of paint were employed to resemble book bindings and pages. The horizontally stacked books conceal little drawers that can be used to store small items like jewelry or office materials.

Bookends are one of the most unique home decor ideas for book lovers, accessible. Why can’t they look like books if they’re designed to store books?

Storage Book-Box

home decor for book lovers

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The boxes can be used to store a wide range of household things. They could also be utilized as hidden storage spaces among books on a bookcase. Which will work as home decoration.

Which of the following is a book? None!

Dictionary Box

home decor for book lovers

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Dictionary box is home decoration for book lovers. There’s no better method to conceal valuables than between the pages of a book. The only question now is whether you require further protection. Consider a safe box if you think a key lock or combination lock is something you’d like to have.

The safe is hidden behind The English Dictionary’s cover. The cover, spine, and typeface are all designed to give the impression that you’re looking at an actual book.

Book Shape Lamp

home decor for book lovers

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There is no better location to read a book than in front of a fire. It’s not just about the warmth, but also about the ambient light that the flames generate. This home decoration ornamental lamp creates a similar ambiance, but it also allows you to vary the light’s nature. Light options include Artificial Vivid Fire, Dynamic Moving Flame, and Retrofit Oil Lamp. The lamp may be charged via USB. It can offer light for up to 12-hour reading periods because of its 600mAh battery cells.

Geometric Book-Ends

home decor for book lovers

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If you’re looking for home improvement decor bookends with a modern style and a refreshing geometric shape, a new set from Universal Lighting and Decor is a must-see. These open tri-cube metal bookends are finished in burnished antique brass and appear to be lightweight. Each bookend is 7.5 inches tall and weighs about 3.4 pounds.

Bookish Vase

home decor for book lovers

source: mymodernmet.com

This book-shaped vaseis is lovely decor ideas for book lovers, illustrated by a renowned bibliophile and embellished with exquisite touches of gold, will bring a literary vibe to any environment.

The vase is 3.63 4.75 2 inches tall and contains an uplifting quote by the Author on the back:”A thing of grace is a joy forever” This is an ideal present for a budding writer or a voracious reader in your life.

LED Floating shelf 

home decor for book lovers

source: gadgetreview.com

The most important books can be kept on a small bookshelf, while the remainder can be read on your Kindle or other reading devices.It Is ideal for arranging books at home.

This modern floating bookshelf has built-in LED lights, allowing you to create mood in a space where you enjoy reading. Attach one of these smart bookends to it, and your new reading corner is complete!

3D Book Store Box

This piece of furniture, designed by Helen Romanenko, is a fantasy for bibliophiles and a tribute to creativity. The three-drawer box resembles an Alice in Wonderland book stack. Metal, paper, and wood are used to construct the drawers. They’ve been aged artificially and finished in decoupage and 3D. It’s the ideal spot to keep jewellery, tiny accessories, a diary, and your dreams.

Fairytale Book Lamp

home decor for book lovers

source: pinterest.com

Take a look at what we’ve discovered! Features as a book lamp that is ideal for a child’s room. When you read stories together, it creates a lovely ambiance and will help your child fall asleep more easily.

There are currently three options: The Ugly Duckling, Rapunzel, and Harry Potter.

Book-shaped Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth-enabled speakers and headphones are more relevant home decoration for book lovers even in the age of digital audiobooks.

This Bluetooth speaker is outstanding. It was created to look like an actual book. It comes in three different colors: beige, cyan, and magenta. With a battery life ranging from 6600 to 13200 mAh, it may also function as a power bank.

What will you use it for – a living room or a home library?

Cutting Board Book

home decor for book lovers

source: sawkill.nyc

It’s the most insightful home improvement decoration ideas on this list. The dagger is the first prop that springs to mind when thinking of Shakespeare’s epic romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Meet the beech wood cutting board Romeo and Julienne The board is “guaranteed to elevate the flavour level in your kitchen” because it is “fun, useful, and highly solid.” The cutting board measures 9.5 6.65 1 inch and is available from Fred & Friends.

Glass Book Vase

Who says a library can’t have flowers and water? You may add a dash of natural beauty to your bookshelves with these mind blowing glass vases. The bookends have robust bottoms, making them sturdy enough to hold not only books, and moreover stationery, pencils, and art supplies beneath them.

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