Types of Finishes for Kitchens

Types of Finishes for Kitchens

Everyone has their ideal home in mind and works toward actualizing this dream. In most cases, however, buying a home rather than building one is the best choice. Doing so will save you from delays, the high cost of construction, and the ordinary disappointments associated with making a home with seemingly qualified contractors. This does not, however, mean settling for a rundown building to cut back on your buying price.

In Kansas City, there are various new homes for sale at low prices. This does not mean they are substandard houses. Their low cost is tied to the minimum rate of construction when using modern building techniques and materials. One of the rooms that you should pay attention to when evaluating a new house is the kitchen. This is because it is prone to wear and tear and handles the highest traffic in your home. The finish of your kitchen is one of the primary determinants of how well it will hold up to different elements. Here are some of the finishes used for kitchens:


types of kitchen finishes - Laminate

source: dazzlekitchen.com

There are two varieties of laminate kitchen finishes: matt and high gloss. For those looking for a shiny look, the high gloss laminate finish is an alternative to polyurethane and acrylic finishes. Matt laminates are budget-friendly options and are available in different types of grain designs and digital prints. Laminate finishes are ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance kitchen, though they might not suffice for homes with kids and pets since scratches will be very evident on them and they are easily damaged.

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Solid Wood

types of kitchen finishes - Solid Wood

source: kitchencabinetmart.com

This is an ideal finish for those looking for a traditional look. Solid wood finishes have a high aesthetic appeal, are durable, and are somewhat unscathed when scratched or stained. This makes them perfect for homes with kids and pets. Unfortunately, a solid wood finish in your kitchen might raise your home’s overall price since it is expensive to manufacture.

Wood Veneers

types of kitchen finishes - Wood Veneers

source: archiexpo.com

A wood veneer kitchen finish is an ideal choice for those looking for a wood-like look without the high cost of solid wood. The finish is eco-friendly, durable, easy to maintain, and comes in varied designs. A kitchen finished with veneer has a classic feel, though it will require high maintenance to keep the exterior looking good; marks will be readily visible on the material.


types of kitchen finishes - Glass

source: glubdubs.com

This is the ideal choice for luxurious kitchens and makes them look clean and neat. Back-painted toughened glass will be stuck on the surfaces of your kitchen. Though this finish will cost you more than other options, it opens up your kitchen space and will make even the smallest kitchen look large.

You might not get the things that you are looking for in an already built house. Though most homebuyers will make a few sacrifices when buying a home, these kitchen finishes will fit virtually everyone’s tastes. The finish that you choose will reflect your style. You should pick one that suits your family’s needs while exuding the style that you want.

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