How to dress up Ideally in India?

indian dress

The way of dressing reflects the culture of a particular place, which is an indicator of its belief, culture, and traditions. If we talk about India, the country is known for its diverse religions, cultures, norms, customs, and belief systems. It is also among the favorite countries in the entire world that attract the attention of thousands of tourists every single day! Guess what else can make you feel more Indian than the Indian attire itself?

While choosing the right Indian attire for you, it is always good to go with light and modest clothing wear, for both men and women. Your choice of attire may also vary according to the place you are visiting and its respective culture. In this context, here we have discussed some of the most common yet equally typical Indian dresses for both men and women in India!

indian dress

How to dress in India as a woman?

To be practical, you are supposed to be pretty but also a little bit conservative when it comes to your clothing and figuring out what to wear in India. It cannot be called the most conservative country in the world, but still, it is quite modest in comparison to other countries. So, you are supposed to consider all the cultural customs and factors and respect them. You can view the following wearing options to dress in India as a woman –

  • You can consider wearing kurtas as it is a typical Indian style of clothing. What is extremely popular in India and something not worth missing at all.
  • Salwar kameez is another typical Indian clothing for women, which is another ideal Indian attire, which gives the typical Indian look for women.
  • You can also wear a saree, which stands for the ideal Indian wear for women that gives a perfect Indian touch to your look and reflects Indian culture in the most precise way.
  • You can also consider wearing long gowns in one single piece to have that extra elegant yet balanced Indian attire look, which will also help you to stand out even restore your overall look.
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indian dress

How to dress in India as a man?

Being dressed in the ideal way in India as a man may Look like you won the lottery, as it gets difficult for you to decide what you can ideally wear in India. You can consider the following options if you are looking for the ideal dresses to wear in India as a man –

Cotton T-shirts can be a great option that can keep you cool and will also help you to cope up with the environment of Indian culture and society.

  • You can also consider wearing kurta pajamas, which is the traditional get a light Indian attire for men.

indian dress

  • Breathable button-down T-shirts are another great option if you are about to go out to dinner or to hit the town. You can pair both a long and short sleeve button-down into your packing list so that you can have various options.
  • You can consider wearing lightweight pants instead of choosing to bring down jeans when you are about to decide what you want to dress in India. You can also pair up lightweight pants and joggers if you are about to take a trip!

When it comes to knowing a foreign country, and understanding its culture, having an insight into its clothing culture can help you to gain a proper understanding in a much better way. If you are still confused as to what to wear in India, do not forget to check this list at Live Enhanced.

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