How To Pull Off The Western Fashion Trend

No matter what is hot in fashion today, the country and western style is always super stylish. This style trend looks amazing on ladies as well as gentlemen. It can be dressed up for the office or come off as being exceptionally casual. Even kids can get in on the western fashion trend. So, what elements do you need to pull off this look? Well, no cowboy or cowgirl would be caught dead without the right boots. Then you need to have your dungarees fitted just so, and lastly, you have to carry a confident attitude – and that’s the easy part. Here is how you can make the western fashion trend your own.

Knowing You Look Good


Sometimes, when we try something new or dress differently than we normally do we can clam up and become unable to relax. If you don’t feel confident, nothing you wear is going to look as good as it can. If you have gone through the trouble of getting some genuine western attire and carefully accessorized for a look that looks wonderful off the rack, then you need to own it when you put it on. Know that you look good and no one will be able to deny it. So, practice prancing around in the mirror if you have to, but don’t leave your home until you have convinced yourself that you look impeccable.

It’s All About Footwear


To get this look down, you have to put on a pair of attention-grabbing boots. No, these can’t just be any boots that you would pick while casually browsing. Get yourself a pair of ankle boots from Dune and become a real country western fashion idol. Cowboy boots can feel a bit different when you first start walking in them, so be sure to break them in before you go out and cut a rug. Put them on to ensure that there is plenty of room in the toe area, as that part can be quite narrow. Flex your foot and stretch out the arch area, so that you can take comfortable steps. Paired with the rest of your attire, your boots will really help to set things off.

Selecting the Outfit


So, the core pieces of most western-style outfits are deceivingly simple. You will want blue or black jeans and a collared shirt, perhaps in a plaid pattern. Your jeans must be pressed and fitted well. The shirt has to be buttoned all the way to the top and then tucked into your jeans. If you would rather go with something different, there are skirts with fringes, leather trousers, overalls, and even t-shirts. Your boots should match perfectly with your outfit if you are hoping for your style choice to yield some compliments. The key is to ensure that your outfit is neat, pressed, and fitted well for your body shape.

Get Those Accessories Under Control


Most of the time, the western look isn’t all about glitz and glamour but that doesn’t mean that it can’t feature a few rhinestones. So, get yourself a leather belt with a huge belt buckle. Wear one of those skinny western-styleties around your neck if you plan on picking up a belle on your way to the ball. Sometimes it is even fitting to put a pair of spurs on your boots if you are really going for a classic look. There are accessories that are very specific to the country and western style aesthetic, but you don’t have to be boxed in. So be different and daring if you want.

Hats Off to You


Aside from the boots, your hat is going to be the other essential piece in your western fashion look. Now, don’t think that you need to get a 10-gallon cowboy hat to look authentic, but also remember that it might not hurt. For the ladies, a pair of pigtails or even a big Texas-style updo can make your outfit look even better. You will want a hat that compliments everything else that you are donning as well as meshing well with the whole western theme. See if adding a feather, sash, or even a silver star makes you look even more like a cowboy.

Your version of the western fashion trend might entail putting on a pair of sharp boots, your most curve-hugging jeans, and a nice tunic. Other fashion mavens are going to want to look like they stepped right out of a saloon. You can even opt to go something in between. As long as you have the boots, have chosen the perfect accessories, and are walking with confidence then you can be a western fashion star. Whether you are going to a concert or just want to try a look that is different, have no doubt that the western fashion trend is highly recognisable.

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