The Top 3 Reasons to Fit an Electric Gate Kit to Your Gates

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Recently more and more individuals are choosing electric gate kits to fit into their regular gates at homes. In fact, some individuals like to integrate electric gate motors with their present gates rather than purchasing a new system. This helps lessen the entire cost. Furthermore, it’s a smaller commitment than designing a brand-new electric gate as the users can remove the motors if they do not enjoy the functionality. If you are looking for a perfect electric gate kit for your gates, check the Aleko Products store.

Before buying, explore the important reasons for fitting an electric gate kit to your gates. So, just keep reading!

3 Crucial Reasons to Fit an Electric Gate Kit to the Gates

There are many reasons to opt for an automated gate system and fit it into your regular gate. Here are the top 3 reasons in favor of purchasing an automated gate kit:

1. Security and Privacy

An electric gate works as a barrier between your house and unwelcomed guests, criminals, vandals, and car thieves. Since electric gates are backed by motors, it is hard for trespassers to force them to open. Moreover, you can go for enhancing your house’s privacy and security by incorporating alarms, intercoms, video surveillance, and more.

In case the idea of sticky-beak neighbors and prying eyes receive your back up, the sturdy gates would fit you precisely. Generally, they are bulkier and heavier than regular gates. Hence, automated gate kits are the ideal solution for saving your physical injury.

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2. Comfort and Convenience

With just the push of a button, you can enjoy opening the electric gates from the comfort of your house or car. You do not have to get cold in winter or wet in the rain.

How frequently have you gone out and forgotten to close your gates? Or you might not be very bothered to close them as it’s a lot of effort. You will not face this issue if you use electric gates. In fact, you can set them for closing automatically.

3. Value and Affordability

With an alluringly designed set of electric gates, you can add more value to your house. Sometimes people consider automated gates a luxury product and hence enhance your property’s value.

Electric gates are more cost-effective than they usually are due to technological advancement. Hence, currently, not just rich and popular people can afford them but others as well. With all their perks, undoubtedly, more and more individuals are opting for and installing electric gate kits. Hence, secure your house, make your life simpler, and add value to your property.

Selecting a highly popular and preferred gate like automatic electric gates is important because they come with lots of perks. For beginners, you can only sit in your vehicle comfortably while the gate automatically opens. Going out of the vehicle for opening the gate is an odd one. Hence, select the best automatic electric gate opener system that enables automatically opening the gate.

Here are the things that you should consider while choosing an electric gate kit:

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1. Aesthetics

In case you are opting for swing gates, you may not find the motors behind the electric gates. Moreover, it needs an underground system for hiding the motors at the ground level.

2. Angle of Gate Opening

  • Underground motors – It requires almost 110 degrees, but an optional gate kit turns via 360 degrees.
  • Articulated arm type – It is going to open between 90 and 110 degrees.
  • Ram arm type – It is going to open to the ultimate of 130 degrees.

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3. Space Limitation

At the time of opening the gate, the ground systems behind the gate need more space. Usually, the ram arm types of automatic gates need almost 180mm behind the gate, while the articulated arm types require a huge pillar of almost 200mm. In case you purchase larger electric gates and motor, you require over that. An underground automatic gate, it requires the top hinge pivot point of almost 60mm from the post.

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4. Monitor Things While Sliding Gates

The sliding gates are available in 2 types – freestanding and rails. You should check a few things for sliding gates:

  • Ground
  • Motor
  • Cost
  • Power supply

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Bottom Lines

Aleko Products provide a list of unique and robust electric gate kits. Whether you select to install them on your own or hire a professional, these electric gate kits are durable, easy to install, and dependable. The extensive array of electric gate kits serves all requirements. In case you are searching for an automated gate solution for your commercial or residential property, Aleko Products will be the best website to check out.

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