How HUAWEI MateBook E assist in inducing Productivity and Creativity 


Witnessing the situation, the Companies of various other working aspects will be amused to know that HUAWEI MateBook d15 i3 is adequate with a great resource that multiplies the outcome and progress, with its three screens in one laptop, a revolutionary design, and the first-ever introduced OLED Real Color HUAWEI FullView display and many more. Huawei matebook d15 i3 has to offer all the premium features. Read below to know how it is responsible for a matebook to offer the induction of progression.

Ways of Generating 



This new laptop was specially created for the folks who enchanted creativity and supported productivity. The upgrading is a time saver and work enhancer. 

The ability to boost your output.

The matebook E is accompanied by a power that increases its outputs. The MateBook E features an Intel 11th Generation Core processor, settled with an Intel Iris Xe graphics, that goes up to 16GB RAM, and the storage touches up to 512GB SSD. 

Not only this, but the matebook also comes along with an Independent Shark Fin Fan with an eight-layer heat dissipation stack capable of handling a lot of heat and can surely provide unmeasurable excellent performance, also raising the bar for the laptops that come 2-in-1. 

The experience of premium video calls through OLED Display.



When it comes to premium experiences, then it is undeniably unbeatable and excelling. The HUAWEI MateBook E is the first laptop from the company that is accessible with the advantage of including an OLED Real Color FullView display. The tablet is accessible by a 12.6-inch display structure and colour accuracy of professional grade. Not only this, but it also comes up with a peak brightness of 600 nits, which will surely improve media consumption.

The MateBook E also confiscates artificial intelligence (AI) of noise reduction technology, which impressively enhances the receiver’s call qualitative aspects.

The hybrid gadget is filled with surprises and has TÜV Rheinland’s Full-Care Eye Care 2.0 certification, which people admire because it reduces eye strain when the user is caught up in spending lengthy periods in front of the screen.

HUAWEI MateBook E is also available with quad microphones for video calls, which can take up sound from all directions and make it useful in HD video conversations and mobile scenery.

The mobility of three screens in one is enhanced. 



HUAWEI MateBook E combines a PC, tablet, and smartphone experience into an incredible single device. The MateBook E’s construction permits it to be as light as 709 grams and as thin as 7.99 millimetres, making it significant and easy to carry. This is what is meant by three screens in one. Benefits of various devices covered in one single product.

The laptop’s three modes, namely laptop, tablet, and smartphone, make it easier to transport and use. When using the MateBook E as a tablet, the laptop has a touch support capability that comes in handy.

Advantages of Super Device And HUAWEI M-Pencil

The MateBook E2 is super beneficial due to Huawei’s Super Device connection, which was put forward in 2021. Compatible devices, such as cell phones or smartphones, and displays that can effortlessly connect wirelessly to the laptop.

The HUAWEI MateBook E is also effective in other aspects; m-pencil compatibility for the second generation makes it brilliant. The pen that comes with the box is as responsive as possible, with 4,096 levels of sensitivity connected with pressure and a latency of only two milliseconds. This may also be operated with the HUAWEI Smart Magnetic keyboard, which is undoubtedly an optional enhancement that provides users with numerous viewing angles.

Other than this, The simple drag and drop method can also be used to distribute text, images, documents, and other content assets between connected devices. Connecting the laptop to the best camera phone with an appealing design — the HUAWEI P50 Pro — is ideal for getting the most out of the Super Device function.




The new Huawei Matebook E comes in a Nebula Grey colour scheme and costs AED 3,799. The new flagship laptop may be purchased from Huawei’s online store, Experience Stores, and selected merchants.


Without a doubt, it is incredible, revolutionary, and related to the march of growth. It’s an excellent notion representing innovation and production, so it’s an image that comes into reality, but a product meets the essential standards. Fortunately, it’s a well-made and functional product.

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