5 Home Security Innovations We May See In The Next 5 Years

home security

All home security systems function on the same basic postulate of securing the entry points such as doors, windows, spaces indoors containing valuables and so on. A security system can be defined as a technique in which our homes are secured through a system of interworking components and devices. A home security system is a network of integrated electronic devices functioning simultaneously with a central control panel to safeguard you against house breakers and other intruders.

You know you want your home and your family to be safe. When you head to your office, you hope to come back to a safe and a secure home. Well, hope is not a strategy or an assurance. The proliferating crime rates across the world mirror a bitter reality.Many of us overlook the gravity of appropriate home security measures. A theft or dacoity can leave you shattered emotionally, physically and financially. Although financial losses can be gradually recovered the trauma instilled may persist forever.

The security industry prevails in a technology driven market, which is coming up with perpetual innovations and is constantly working to change, improve and benefit the home security system. Security industry evolves with changing technologies, as wireless technology became accessible and less expensive; the security market utilized this technology to manufacture inexpensive alarm systems. As and when the touch screen was welcomed in the market, the manufacturers started incorporating that technology into alarm panels.

People want to be connected to their homes; hence the security industry will unearth innovative techniques of helping keep people and properties as safe as possible.

There are various home security innovations we may discern in the next five years


The prevalent system of security is authenticating inadequacy in handling the surge.  Smart home technology is an exceptional security innovation to surface in recent years. Thankfully, a lot of smart home platforms are encouraging endless innovations.

The smart home technology attributed being instituted by security organizations are having tremendous effects on the overall safety of homes and are transforming the way people interact with their homes.New smart innovations like smart locks, smart lights, smart video features have a real tangible impact on the security of a residence.

Home technologies will integrate so much into our daily lives in the next five years; voice command technologies that are imbibed in your phone, TV, home audio will become a common place. Voice is going to be a break through innovation that allows these technologies to become universal. Full home automation will eventually be achieved, where in no buttons will be needed to control your machines and home security system. Voice control will aid a new era of hands free control. Your automated home security system will be able to interface with voice control devices to assist you secure your home with nothing more than a verbal command.


The next few years will witness a surge in the application based security systems. Home owners desire to exercise full control over visitor authentication even from a distant locus, which is feasible only through app-based security system. This form of security system gives a substantial edge as they come without any capital investment and can evolve continuously to handle situations.



home security

Progression in The Artificial Intelligence has further escalated the growth of vision based applications in the area of security. A smaller section of the image where the face is recognized will be processed through deep learning for identity verification. In the next few years we are likely to employ this technology for access control, object tracking, detecting intrusion and so on.

Robotic monitoring systems automatically notify emergency services, so you can relax peacefully knowing your house is secure. The next generation of self-monitored systems amalgamates motion detectors, sensors and security cameras with artificial intelligence to instantly notify a break-in or any other emergency.


Actions at the gates in your residence today are mostly not captured, which signifies that there is no source or data available which will provide an insight in cases of trouble. Most systems employed like CCTV and access controls are stand-alone applications that are mostly offline.

In the next five years we will observe more operation towards security platforms where security systems can operate and associate in a harmonized system.


Child safety is one of the biggest concerns in the present day. Most homes harbor working parents and child safety can be taxing. Protecting your children is of paramount importance, but you cannot be in two placesat the same time. A clever home security can bring peace wherever you are.

In the next 5 years you will see that security companies will incorporate security attributes designed especially for children who stay alone at home in the absence of their working parents. Security elements such as approvals for kids to step out of their gates or apartments through an app or digital validation are the expected future innovations with respect to child security.

Every land has security companies that are popular for providing professional services. Choosing a security system for your home could be very tricky. With the establishment of AI-powered home security devices, new questions arise about privacy and security, which can be sorted efficiently by choosing appropriate organizations and security systems for safer homes.

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