TV Buddy Scam- Everything You Must Know Before Buying In 2024

TV Buddy Scam

Do you want to see your regular shows without the television? Do you just miss some favorite episode? These problems can be solved with a  single hardware tv buddy. After seeing the advertisements for the tv buddy, you want to purchase it.

Do you know you may only see the good reviews of the tv, buddy? But is there more tv buddy scam present in the online review platforms? The cable networks sometimes get too expensive, and some of the cable connections do not provide Netflix and other popular channels. These are the drawbacks of regular cable connections.

We have a regular habit of viewing the customer’s reviews before purchasing any new products. The analysis of the products becomes easy. When we are first to see the reviews and the other customers complain. If you see the tv buddy product review, then you will find a very less amount of customer complaints and very few bad reviews. Almost 30 percent of the customers are saying that the usage and the product are quite user-friendly.

When you are interested in any new tv buddy gadget, many questions are arising in your mind like:

TV Buddy Scam


  • Tv buddy is worth buying or not?
  • How to install it?
  • What are the compatibility issues of the tv buddy?.
  • How much do we have to spend on the tv buddy?
  • The per-unit cost of the tv buddy?
  • How much time did it require to get installed?

These are the basic fundamental questions that arise into our minds just before purchasing the tv buddy. The analysis of the product must be done before buying the product. It will minimize the chances of doing the faults.

TV Buddy Scam Before Buying

The product descriptions and the product subscription plan must examine before purchasing the product. As tv buddy is the best among all which can replace your regular cable connection subscriptions.

Here are some basic points which can spot the lights on the product effects at Live Enhanced.

1.   Easy Installation Process

TV Buddy Scam


The installation process of tv buddy is quite easy. The device is small and portable. The device cost is also on the affordable side. You can buy one device for $50. This is nothing but a wireless antenna for your devices. The device portability is only the best attractive point, along with the flexibility of seeing many HD quality pictures without giving the high cost to your regular cable subscribers.

This device comes with a simple adapter for your tv and cellphone devices. The portability makes this device unique whenever you are going outside. You can bring it with you and can enjoy a clear view show. The feature of the long amplifier also added a good advantage to the product.

2.   Compatibility

The compatibility with other devices is one flexible quality of the tv buddy. The television adopter and the smartphone and tablet friendly environments are the best features other than the regular cable network devices. The device is quietly compatible with any new generation modern television model.

It will provide a fast and easy setup model for any television, cellphone, and tablet. The gadget only required a few seconds to start. The internet interpretation and the high paid cable service can not restrict you from viewing your favorite movie channel. The HDMI port on it will help you add the device with any media and let you enjoy your favorite shows.

 3.   Subscriptions Cost

TV Buddy Scam


If you compare it with your regular cable network subscription, then you will find it on the cheaper side. The tv buddy subscription cost is less than the standard cable networks. The subscription cost is relatively low. If you compare it with the number of channels that are covered with the subscription plans.

Many HD channels are free with the device. Tv buddies support almost every type of subscription along with every online streaming, which means you can view your favorite regular shows with fewer advertisements. You can choose as many channels as you want along with the free channels.

TV buddy supports android, mac, and apple devices. This means not only television, but you can also see your favorite shows from any other device. It can access almost every mirror, and tv buddy supports any cross-system mirroring. That helps you to see any streaming videos and shows.

 4.   Chance Of Getting Any faulty Devices

The first thing when you are asking about any duplicate products or any faulty products. Try to view the online review of the product. If you look carefully, you will see most of the customers who are complaining about the tv buddy are purchasing their product from any local vendors. The third-party vendors sometimes give you faulty products.

But if you view the regular customer review. Then you will see that almost 70 percent of the customers are satisfied. The other 30 percent of people have mainly purchased their products from any local third party dealers. The tv buddy fully encrypted your previously viewed channels and history. So you will not get any notifications related to the viewed media.

 5.   Product fault From The Previous Customer’s Perspectives

TV Buddy Scam


If you see the online review of the previous customers, you will see more satisfied customer’s views rather than negative comments. This gadget has many flexibilities like:

  • Broad area coverage
  • Non-wire facility
  • Provide full HD picture and the clear image
  • Many free channels along with the paid flexibility

You wonder; why people keep purchasing this product when this product is not manufactured with any famous brand. But the customer satisfaction level is relatively high concerning any cable connection providers. The satisfactory no of channels and the low budget makes this device popular.

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