List of Countries Where New Coronavirus Strains Have Found

New Coronavirus Strains

Fear and panic have spread throughout the world since the new COVID-19 strain was detected in the United Kingdom. The new strain of the virus, which may be up to 70% more transmittable, was first identified in September in the UK, and since then, it has eventually spread. The latest version also allowed several nations to protect their borders and further strengthen their travel restrictions.

Here is another description of all the nations where they have already recognized the latest strain of coronavirus 

United Kingdom

New Coronavirus Strains


The United Kingdom was the first nation back in September to announce the latest strain of the coronavirus. Matt Hancock said earlier this month that the country’s health minister that the latest form was “spiraling out of control,” leading the government to put millions of individuals under more stringent Christmas shutdown restrictions and a range of nations to ban travel from the UK.


On Christmas Eve, France identified the first case with a newer version. The person was a French native who was returning from London.


On December 26, a duo in Ontario, Canada, positively identified for the new virus strain. They have no known travel records or high-risk connections, and, authorities said, they are now in self-isolation.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced nine cases of a new variant found in Denmark.


New Coronavirus Strains


After a female who traveled to Frankfurt from London Heathrow showed symptoms on December 20, Germany reported her first case of the mutant coronavirus type.


Italian authorities said a couple who traveled from the UK to Rome reported the strain in the week.


Swedish officials discovered the latest strain after a UK traveler fell sick on entry and returned positive, Sweden’s health authority said that on Saturday. The infected person has been kept isolated, and so far, there have been no other cases identified.


They have verified four parameters of the coronavirus’s latest strain in Spain, health officials said on Saturday. They all include individuals who have newly come from the UK. 

They all include individuals who have newly come from the UK. 

“The victims are not severely ill. We recognize that this infection is more transmittable, but this does not trigger more major disease,” the deputy chief of the health of Madrid’s regional government, Antonio Zapatero, stated. 


New Coronavirus Strains


In Switzerland, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) said on Saturday and three persons tested positive for the new coronavirus type. Two of the victims were staying in the UK but were living in the country. “All close ties have been reported and quarantined,” a FOPH spokeswoman said, as stated by Swiss Info.

Switzerland seems to be the only European country that leaves its ski slopes open for tourists during the Christmas and New Year season.


On December 25, Japan confirmed the first five cases of the fast-spreading strain of the virus. On Monday, Japanese authorities also approved a travel ban, likely to start through January, temporarily banning non-resident foreign nationals’ entry into the region.

Japanese nationals and international residents may be approved to travel. Still, they must have evidence of a negative coronavirus test 72 hours before leaving for Japan and have two weeks of quarantine.


Health Minister Hamad Hassan of Lebanon said that they had identified a new form on a flight from London on December 21. Hassan advised both travelers on the flight to take preventive measures.


New Coronavirus Strains


The Netherlands was among the first European countries to reveal the discovery since the United Kingdom of a new disease variant. The Dutch Minister of Health announced on December 22 that they had detected a new coronavirus form in 2 situations in Amsterdam city.


On December 24, Singapore’s Health Ministry reported that one instance of the latest coronavirus variant was also present.


In New South Wales, Australia, two new strains were identified after a jet landed from the UK, State Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said last week.

South Africa 

In South Africa, the UK has confirmed two cases of yet another new strain of coronavirus, British health minister Matt Hancock said this on Thursday.


New Coronavirus Strains


On December 24, Nigeria identified another new strain of the coronavirus. It is different from those identified in the UK and South Africa. On Thursday, John Nkengasong, the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director, announced that health authorities tested other samples and how little is understood so far about the variant.


Here is the complete list of countries where they have found new and even more infectious coronavirus strains. So, be alert, follow all the safety precautions, stay safe get some safety tips at Live Enhanced.

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