Looking for Rome Day Trips? Find the Best Ones From Here

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Rome is not only the present day capital of Italy. Rome is one of the few 4cities that have been inhabited continuously for over 2000 years. It had also been the seat of power of probably the longest empire in the world. The long and glorious history of the city coupled with the importance of the Vatican and the nearby places have made Rome an important tourist destination in the world.

So, if you are looking to visit the important places in and around Rome, then there are many options for you. Some of the best day trips from Rome will amuse and entertain you. In fact, the sheer number of things to visit and do in the vicinity of Rome will amaze you.

Day Tour of Ancient Rome

rome trip

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Ancient Rome comprises some of the most exquisite buildings and monuments of the ancient world. You can visit the largest amphitheatre of antiquity, the Colosseum, the first road ever built by humans, the Appian Way and many more in this day trip.

If you wish to see the Pantheon, the amazing building that still stands tall. The Roman temple had been built long before the birth of Christianity. The dome of the temple is the largest that has no reinforced concrete in the world.

There are many other important places to visit in Rome like the Trevi fountain, Catacombs, Circus Maximus, etc. When you are booking your Rome day tours make sure that you have ample time to visit all the places.

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Tour of Mediaeval Rome

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Medieval Rome is also a wonder to watch. The mediaeval palaces and the beautiful fountains, the exquisite architecture, buildings of the Renaissance age, the art museums and the myriad number of statues and paintings of the city makes it one of the most vibrant places to visit. If you are interested in visiting only the art related places in the city, then you can also choose to visit those destinations.

There are many wonderful places to eat in Rome. After all, you can’t fully experience the flavour and richness of Rome without tasting the exotic cuisines of the city. While many people assume that Italy is full of Pizzas and Pastas, there are many other foods to relish. Find the best restaurants in Rome to eat from while you are visiting the city.

It is important to take a tour that offers English speaking drivers who could understand your needs and act accordingly.

Vatican and Religious Day Trips

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Another important aspect of the Rome private tours is the religious day trips that you can take in Rome and Vatican. While, Christianity has become the religion with the largest number of followers in the world, people from other faiths also explore the history of religion and the important churches, buildings and monuments related to Christianity.

The Vatican, the seat of Pope, is considered as the catholic capital of the world. Visit and explore the origins of Christianity and the building of religious importance in Rome. Book your day trips today and explore Rome and Vatican with ease.

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