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Tango music is impulsive and emotive, so it’s important to glide easily across the dance floor in order to interact with the song and respond to your partner’s movements. The performers of the tango initially favored wearing smoother types of shoes, which ultimately consolidated into purpose-built dance footwear that is ideal for appreciating tango songs and tango dance. The tango first appeared in working-class organizations in Buenos Aires and Montevideo and attained elevated dance floors in both Argentina and the rest of the globe.

Important information regarding Tango Dance Shoes:


It is advised to wear close-to-the-ground footwear when learning to dance the tango. With flat footwear, beginner dancers can feel empowered as they study and improve their moves. They can concentrate on maintaining good body posture and dance technique.

Additionally, the footwear should be pleasant to wear, which is especially important for teenagers who are learning how to dance the tango. Instead of concentrating on the dancing steps and other body gestures they are acquiring, they will concentrate on how painful the footwear is to their toes.

Tango footwear should always be the proper size, and if feasible, customized. You don’t want to glide about in your footwear. Additionally, a fabric that permits simple movement ought to be used for the soles. Injury during the dance is possible if there is excessive friction.

Leather or velvet is a common material used to make mens tango shoes. Although leather footwear gives more versatility for the tango performer, leather footwear often lasts longer and is tougher.

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Always choose the sole type that corresponds to your requirements when selecting a heel. Teenagers’ heels, for instance, will be considerably smaller than adults, but they will nevertheless contribute to the dance’s grace and elegance. Another wonderful approach is to use belts or laces to keep them in place.

Structure of the Tango Shoes


The upper portion, the insole, the outsole, and the heel are the four main parts of any pair of shoes. Conventional footwear usually includes a lot of cushioning on the front of the insole; however, for tango footwear, you want that cushioning to be significantly larger so the performer is still extra comfortable. Having stated that, traditional footwear and normal footwear are inappropriate for Argentine tango.

The most important factors to evaluate when selecting tango footwear for a teen training to tango are the general fit of the footwear and their level of convenience while donning them. Select tango footwear that offers sufficient foot stability and is flexible enough to allow the performer to float across the dance floor.

Men’s Tango Shoes

In comparison to women’s shoes, there are fewer variances between men’s typical street footwear and tango dancing footwear. However, tango dancers can still appreciate these differences’ effects on their foot feel. Excellent tango footwear gives men an instant edge that will assist them to establish greater contact with their companion, the dance floor, and the song in addition to making them sense more confident while practicing, dancing socially, and competing.

Female Tango Shoes 


For women, the contrasts between everyday footwear and tango dance footwear are obviously far more prominent than for men. Both architectural and cosmetic alterations have taken place. Tango is recognized for being a very exquisite dance, and female dancers prefer selecting ostentatious and fashionable footwear that will also fulfill the needs of their dance. Female dancers must take extra precautions to protect their feet because their skill sets exert a lot of stress on their soles and balls of the feet when they accomplish “pointe” routines, pivot, and take several forceful steps quickly one after the other. Female dancers must seek appropriate medical attention or consult with a professional about selecting appropriate footwear if they experience any foot problems or worsen existing ones.

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Our first men’s tango shoe is called Palermo. It is known after the renowned and affluent neighborhood in Buenos Aires and is referenced in numerous tangos, including “El Yacare” and “A Pan y Agua.” Both courses and milongas are the ideal settings for this understated yet stylish tango footwear. You can stroll and turn with ease and stability thanks to the elastic leather feet and supple shearling stimulants. Our lightweight, specially constructed heels give you a sense of stability and grounding. This tango dance shoe is suitable for every situation and is comfortable, adaptable, and all-purpose.

Serpentina Lila


This tango shoe is special since it has a purple, finely woven suede heel strap. In Spain, expert suede weavers braid each front buckle by hand. Our footwear is created in Alicante using this regional traditional art. The elastic woven suede vamp conforms to the contours of your feet. To keep the shoe’s tight fit and attractive shape, the corners of the front strap are strengthened with padding.

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