The Perfect Flowers to Embellish a Wedding Venue

flowers to decorate a wedding

Without a doubt, using flowers to decorate a wedding venue is still one of the most elegant and pristine ways. Flowers are not only beautiful, but they will transcend a simple venue into a heavenly abode. 

A wedding day is one of the very few occasions that are always privy to the individual and will bring many memories. Not to mention, they are also one of the most important days of an individual’s life. An occasion this special can only be justified with decorating the venue with nothing but in-fashion blooms. 

Here are some ideal choices for a wedding in Canada by none other than the best Florist Toronto at offers season’s best and trendy flowers and other associated decorative props to embellish the wedding venue. Given below are some of the most adorable and gorgeous flowers that are perfect for a wedding. 

Perfect Flowers for a Perfect Wedding

flowers to decorate a wedding


  • Roses: Well, it is obvious that roses will be there at a wedding. Still, we think that any wedding decor props list will be incomplete without roses. Moreover, there are many wonderful ways to use roses in a wedding. Check out some of these ideas which you might not have tried or seen before. 

You can mix up roses with another type of flower to keep them in the centrepieces on tables. Plus, nothing speaks love, compassion, and emotion better than a rose. That is why decorating the altar with roses, a bouquet of freshly cut roses in the bride’s hands while walking down the aisle will look stunning and gorgeous, don’t you think?

  • Tulips: Another marvel of mother nature, Tulips are best known for grace and showering happiness on everyone around them. Canada is known for its Tulips Festival, and that is why any Canadian wedding seems less beautiful without tulips in the amidst. 
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Another great thing about tulips is that they will match any other type of flower used in the wedding venue decoration. You can mix them up with fairy lights (if the wedding is supposed to happen at night) or with the butterflies to make small bouquets for the pew ends or aisles. 

flowers to decorate a wedding


  • Calla Lilies: Calla Lilies are one of the few perennial flower types found in the country. Plus, you can get around 90 species of lilies from the best florist Toronto. Flower company can source the best and authentic lilies for the wedding. These lilies are a prominent part of celebrations in almost every culture. 

For a wedding, custom-made lilies bouquet adorned with different hues and styles will sparkle the entire venue with love and devotion. 

  • Peonies: Any wedding decorated with peonies and a mix of other exotic flowers will certainly make it unforgettable for the lucky couple and the guests. Plus, peonies are the perfect sort of flowers to create a dramatic event decoration. 

Plus, peonies look great when hanging from the top of the roof, and they would make for perfect decor at a wedding set in the barn. Furthermore, you can get them arranged in the form of a chandelier or use peonies to fill up the marquee’s blank space. Due to their versatility and eternal beauty, peonies can be used in a different set of ways. It keeps things simple, unique and reserved. 

  • Hydrangeas: Even though Hydrangeas are scentless, what they lose in smell, they make up for it with their exquisiteness of colours and the ability to redefine a wedding venue. Apart from the authentic and native Canadian Hydrangeas, The Annabelle, you can ask the flower company CA-based Florist Toronto to get any other variety for the wedding. 
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Not only for weddings, but Hydrangeas will also fit smoothly with any other type of event or celebration. Plus, if you are also looking to save some money and still get a blissful and divine celebration, go for Hydrangeas. 

flowers to decorate a wedding


  • Sweet Peas: Doesn’t it smell like candy? Well, if you want to hear people saying a lot at the wedding, get your florist Toronto to arrange for sweet peas. These are small, beautiful, and smell like candy. Can it get any better? 

Plus, there is no shortage of colours when it comes to the Sweet Peas; they are available in a wide range of unique and contrasting hues. So, no matter the colour theme of the wedding, sweet peas will only compliment the rest of the decorations. 

  • Gardenia: After roses and lilies, gardenias are the next go-to flowers to ensure that the wedding venue is something that everyone will remember. The large and ivory petals of gardenias look best inside a bridal bouquet, over cake decorations, and centrepieces. 

They can be used in a multitude of ways; just ask the Flower Company florist Toronto to get gardenias for the wedding. Apart from the bigger sized gardenias, another miniature breed of the same flower can also be used for wedding venue decorations. It is equally beautiful, versatile, and pristine. 

  • Lilacs: There are a lot of qualities and emotions that you can associate with Lilacs. But the best choice of all is the youthfulness and the innocence of these flowers. And these two emotions are not only perfect but suffice everything how the wedding day should feel.
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Lilacs also come in different types of scents, from spicy to light and warm; choose your favourite for the wedding. When it comes to decorations, Lilacs look best as hand-held bouquets or when used for decorating the pillars or poles at the wedding. 

Ready to Bejewel the Wedding, but with Flowers?

flowers to decorate a wedding


All sorts of weddings, irrespective of the culture, region or tradition, are supposed to be the beginning of something new and better. And flowers are the best way to personify what a couple feels and wishes, how their future must be. 

Choosing the right flower can be translated as how you want to live the rest of your life together. That is why Lilacs, roses, and gardenias are native to almost every wedding, as they represent youthfulness, love, and divine, respectively. 

But that must not stop any couple or host from exploring more and asking the flower company florist Toronto to bring the wedding venue to life

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