Bad Weather: 5 Photography Tips For Seattle Wedding Photographers 

Photography Tips For Seattle Wedding Photographers 

Seattle’s gloomy weather shouldn’t stop you from creating breathtaking photos, especially those of couples celebrating love. In a place where you seldom see the sun brightly shining, you have to work your way to let those photos shine. 

Whether the weather is good or bad is purely subjective. Those days when gray clouds come with light rain could be a perfect time to take stunning photos. This seemingly unpleasant weather can provide opportunities for taking unique shots. 

Here are five tips for taking remarkable wedding photos amidst the gloomy Seattle weather: 

Prepare For The Drizzles 

Photography Tips For Seattle Wedding Photographers 


For Seattle wedding photographers, preparing for the rain is a must. This means weather-proofing all your equipment to avoid hassles. 

High-end cameras are often built to withstand the rainy weather, with some even built to be fully waterproof. However, you also have to protect your lighting kits. To ensure the safety of all your gear, always bring clear plastic bags. These can be a lifesaver when you are taking shots outdoors, in the middle of the rain. 

Moreover, you could also bring umbrellas, but go for clear ones since those don’t cover the subject. A clear umbrella keeps your equipment dry without creating unwanted reflections and glare, plus it can also be used for the couple’s ‘standing in the rain’ shots. 

Get Creative With The Lighting 

Photography Tips For Seattle Wedding Photographers 


Cloudy weathers mean the surroundings are dark and gloomy, and this might kill the positive vibe wedding photos should give off. This calls for improvisation in lighting to make the photos brighter amidst the unfavorable weather conditions. 

The lack of natural light is an opportunity for you to manipulate the lighting. One example is placing the flash behind the subject in the middle of the rain. This works well for catching those tiny raindrops, making the shot look a little more dramatic. When doing this trick, make sure the background is dark enough or the backlight won’t take effect. 

Another technique is using a strobe to create a sunset effect. Who says you can’t create striking golden hour photos in Seattle? However, this can be a little tricky: you have to direct the light to where the sunlight should be for the photos to look as natural as possible. 

Artificial lighting is flexible, and it can be manipulated in different ways to create the desired effect. Be creative and try several techniques and inspirations using all the gears you have at hand. 

Utilize The Gray Sky As Your Softbox 

Photography Tips For Seattle Wedding Photographers 


Being in Seattle, the gloomy weather isn’t always complemented with dramatic clouds. Sometimes, the sky is just plain gray. If there are no visible clusters of clouds, the sky would look too flat to serve as a background. In this case, you might utilize the sky as your natural soft box instead. 

A flat gray sky is excellent for soft lighting. All you have to do is to search for a perfect spot, which depends on the theme the couple is going for. However, you may find those places where you can see the open sky more photo-friendly. 

In addition, you may also opt for locations with lush greenery. It doesn’t matter if it’s a forest or just a hedge in the middle of the urban area. You may use it as a perfect background to make your subjects stand out. 

Plan The Sessions Well 

Photography Tips For Seattle Wedding Photographers 


Since the weather can sometimes be unpredictable, always have a backup plan to ensure uninterrupted photo sessions. This means having everything laid out: your gear, rain protection, and alternative indoor locations. 

If the rain is not too heavy, you could still go on with outdoor sessions. However, make sure that you have already set everything up before calling the couple to step out in the rain. You should take a few shots before proceeding to test if your planned photoshoot will work. 

On the flip side, if there’s heavy rain, you may do indoor shots while waiting for the calm. In this case, you may still utilize the outdoor light through the windows. You could also take advantage of the beautiful architecture the venue offers. 

Enjoy The Process 

Photography Tips For Seattle Wedding Photographers 


Overcast weather can seem unpleasant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Taking photos in a challenging setting can be an enjoyable learning experience for you to improve your photography skills as a photographer. 

To ease the hassles that come with the weather, gain your client’s trust by guiding them through the process. Let them voice out their ideas to make them feel more involved. Keep in mind that this is their shining moment, so let them have fun while you take the most captivating photographs they will forever remember. 

Keep Up With The Weather 

When you can’t seem to look at the bright side in the middle of a dark weather, create the light. Let your creativity flow as you discover more ways to create great photos under different weather conditions. 

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