Projector Vs Monitor: Which is Best For Your Home?

projector VS monitor

People often face a dilemma to choose between a projector and a monitor due to different reasons. Both of these are a luxury commodity that has now become an integral part of modern households. Technological advancement has led to the change of shape and features for both monitor and projector.

projector VS monitor


There are several aspects to keep in mind when you determine the right pick between a monitor and the best portable projector for your house. Nowadays smart monitors are used as TV sets and vice versa.

Aspects to consider between TV and projector when choosing

Let us go through the aspects that one must consider when choosing either of a projector or TV. You  must also check the best quality commodity for an excellent service,

Size of the screen

In the case of a monitor, the size of the screen is fixed. However, a projector allows you to change the size of the screen according to the projection wall. If you connect your PC to a projector, you can enjoy the convenience of supersizing.

People like gamers, photographers, and film fanatics can enjoy an excellent time using the best portable projectors. Modern projectors can provide 3D pictures of up to 4K quality.


Price is the most vital aspect that one needs to consider when seeking a monitor or a projector. Nowadays, portable projectors comprise the basic features and they come at a lesser price than monitors.

projector VS monitor


On the other hand, small-sized monitors are available in the market but they fail to deliver the expected quality when it comes to games, movies, and photography. If you desire for seamless entertainment, try searching for an efficient projector.

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Light plays an important role in both monitors and projectors. Where monitors emit their own light through the LEDs, projectors work on the LCD setup and projection lighting. You must have a dark room to get the best quality picture from a projector.

The best portable projector of recent times, however, gives a clear display in some amount of light. On the contrary, you can get the best quality pictures along with a decent screen-size only from an expensive monitor. So, you can look for a projector for your home use.


Maintenance is a crucial thing to keep in mind when choosing between a monitor or projector for home use. Generally, monitors have good longevity because the modern-day LEDs hardly experience damage.

Projectors consist of a lamp that serves for a year or two. Due to this, the periodic replacement of a projector lamp turns into a routine job. Nevertheless, the best portable projector comes with an excellent lamp that can serve for a couple of years.

projector VS monitor


Expenses related to maintenance mainly depends on the workload exerted to a monitor or projector. You must always use them in a balance. Heavy pressure on a monitor can lead to severe damage which might pinch hard on your pocket.

Screen options

The screen option and display elements of a monitor is quite restricted. Monitors have a fixed size where you can only set the resolution according to your needs. With projectors, you can increase the throw distance and enjoy home views and gaming on a giant screen.

Entry-level projectors support different types of sound programs apart from giving high-resolution pictures as sound systems are present in it. Monitors generally lack good sound systems if they are not expensive.

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So, you can use a monitor easily for your office use but our home projector leads the race when it comes to preference.


Standard computer monitors lack connectivity options whereas they are present on the best portable projectors. This makes it user-friendly. Modern-day projectors come with USB ports and computer jacks. Moreover, the portable ones are easily changeable.

projector VS monitor


You should check the following things in a  projector when purchasing it:

  • Type of projector (LCD, DLP or LCOS)
  • Resolution
  • Supported sound types
  • Warranty on physical parts
  • Ideal throw distance
  • Fan noise
  • Size of the projector

Final Word

The portable projectors have the potential to change your TV viewing and gaming experience. All you need to do is to purchase the right thing. You can easily carry these projectors anywhere you move. However, make sure you buy such a commodity on the best deal.

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