How Can You Protect Your Homes From Wildfires And Smokes

Protect Your Homes From Wildfires And Smokes

Wildfires are ecologically devastating, especially in California, where more than thousands of acres of wilderness burn every year. In any other state in the United States, wildfires are most common during the spring and summer months when dry, hot weather fuels the fires. 

Moreover, the wind in an area can spread the raze further, causing more damage and dangers. It is not surprising that a wildfire can even reach residential areas, especially those in the suburbs. In severe cases, the wildfire can cause havoc to cities and urban conurbations. 

In this post, we will be highlighting some of the ways you can protect your homes from wildfires and the smoke they generate. 

How Do Wildfires Occur?

Protect Your Homes From Wildfires And Smokes


According to the report of National Geographic, the majority of the wildfires aren’t naturally occurring. Instead, they are often caused by human activities, which is quite alarming. 

After all, man-made causes can’t be forecasted by meteorologists. That makes prevention a lot more difficult. That’s why most of the time, wildfires occur before even authorities can react. 

However, there are several conditions that should be present before a wildfire could occur. These conditions are often touted as the “fire triangle” of firefighters. They are the following: a heat source, oxygen, and fuel. 

Accordingly, four out of five wildfires are insinuated by humans. However, atmospheric elements such as strong winds and dry weather can further worsen and aggravate the disaster. For instance, a single spark can result in a month-long of continuous fires, consuming thousands of woodlands and grasslands. 

Of course, the wildfire season also makes air pollution harsher. The signs are evident, too. Dark skies and thick clouds of smoke are ubiquitous in areas near these blazes. For homes, it is essential that they have air cleaners to deal with the pollution caused by wildfires. People can rely on Hiso air purifiers manufacturer in this matter. After all, Hiso air purifiers are designed to tackle severe air pollution problems. 

Impacts Of Wildfire

Even if you are not dwelling in a wildfire-prone area, this doesn’t mean that you are free from the effects of wildfire. Essentially, there are numerous impacts that this hazard can impinge on you and the world around you. 

On The Planet

Protect Your Homes From Wildfires And Smokes


As we have mentioned, the effects of wildfire can be large-scale. In fact, it can be encompassing. A study from NASA in 2016 revealed that these forest fires could heat up our world significantly. For example, high-carbon ecosystems such as boreal forests are heavily impacted by the increased heat. It is an effect of climate change that we should be wary about. 

Back in 2015, the then-United States President Barack went to Alaska to emphasize the dangers of climate change. He said that the hundreds of forests that burned in the state in that particular year. That alone proves the ecological hazards that these fires incur over time. 

And since the world is getting hotter every year, it is anticipated that the frequency of these wildfires would spike up, as well. 

On Human Life

Surely enough, the threat of wildfire is felt by people. All over the world, the smoke caused by wildfires amounts to more than 330,000 every year. Most of these deaths usually occur in Asia and Africa. However, keep in mind that wildfire-related deaths occur in Western countries, as well. 

Keep in mind that these deaths aren’t due to fatal burns. Instead, it is due to the smoke inhaled by the victims. An increase in asthma attacks is often recorded during wildfire season. It has been reported that many asthmatic people are sent to emergency rooms every time there’s a large wildfire ravaging an area. And even those who have no asthma or allergies tend to experience respiratory problems due to wildfire smoke. 

Wildfire smoke also causes stagnation in the air, which is known as an inversion. When the air is stagnant, the smoke becomes stale, and it is more likely for people to breathe the contaminated air. The microscopic particles easily enter the body and spread throughout the lungs, causing blood coagulation. 

Also, the smoke of wildfires has carbon monoxide in them. Prolonged exposure to this compound is a big problem. It causes long-term health effects, such as cardiac diseases and complications. 

A good way to defend yourself from these problems is by wearing high-quality face masks and personal protective equipment (PPEs). These amenities reduce the chance of breathing various pollutants concocted by wildfires. The PPEs from HisoMedical are among the most recommended options that you have here. 

Ways To Protect Your Homes From Wildfires And Smokes

Protect Your Homes From Wildfires And Smokes


It is undeniable that wildfires wreak havoc on the environment, wildlife, and human life. At the same time, wildfires also cause structural damage. Fortunately, with proper and ample preparations, you can protect your homes from the hazards caused by these forest fires. 

Acquire Fire Insurance

One of the things that you need to do is get fire insurance for your home. You should do this before any wildfire takes place. If you are in a wildfire-prone area, this particular insurance is downright important. Once you have this policy, you will be compensated the moment your home gets damaged by fire. 

Surely enough, insurance isn’t cheap. But it is an investment that you should make. After all, the cost of insurance doesn’t amount to the actual expenses of rebuilding your house without any financial aid.  

It is important for the insurance to cover your primary residences, as well as external amenities such as garages, pools, and sheds. Furthermore, it should also include protection for your valuables and personal belongings. In this way, you’ll get the compensation that you need to start over again. 

Upgrade To A Fire-Resistant Roof

If there’s a fire nearby, there’s a possibility for its embers to be dispersed toward your property. Since these embers are floating, there’s a huge risk that they will fall on your roof. It is one of the reasons why the roof is always the first on fire. 

If your roof is constructed from flammable materials, your home and properties are in peril. Hence, it is essential that you upgrade it to a non-combustible one so that it will not be the cause of the total wreckage of your house. Materials such as slate, asphalt, and metal are fire-resistant. Hence, they are the ideal construction material for your roofs. 

Keep The Embers Out

Protect Your Homes From Wildfires And Smokes


As mentioned, embers are among the dangerous elements of wildfires. Even the most shielded homes aren’t really immune to them, especially if they are housing flammable materials and objects. For instance, furniture and carpets can quickly catch fire if these embers catch them. 

Hence, it is vital that you implement the necessary measures to protect your properties from this particular danger. One of them is by closing your exterior vents with fire-resistant covers, such as metal. Embers can also enter through gaps in the roof, doors, and windows. You should seal them to ensure that no flames can enter your home.

Keep in mind that heat can easily damage fragile materials such as plastic and glass. That can also create openings for sparks to enter. If you think that you are susceptible to this danger, you simply have to install tempered-glass windows. You can also opt for double-paned ones since they have more resistance to high temperatures. 

If your home has chimneys, it is important that you put spark arrestors on them. They are essential for preventing accidental fires. These small devices are designed to keep sparks from leaving your home, which, in turn, can cause fires. Areas that are prone to wildfires require the installation of these arrestors. 

Invest In Air Purifiers

Protect Your Homes From Wildfires And Smokes


Even if your house is far from the fire, this doesn’t mean that you are already safe from the effects of wildfires. As we have mentioned, these wildfires generate harmful smokes that worsen air pollution problems in cities and residential spaces. 

The way you can defend your home from fire-generated smoke is through the use of air purifiers. Specifically, air purifiers with HEPA and carbon filters are the best choice for comprehensive air purification. 

HEPA filters capture microscopic contaminants that could be present in the smoke. Meanwhile, carbon filters trap gasses, smoke, and substances that could cause respiratory problems. Air purifiers that have these two filters are ideal for houses that are within the proximity of wildfire-prone areas. They are necessary appliances that protect you from smoke-related diseases. 


It is pretty evident that wildfires are devastating environmental tragedies. The effects that they cause to the ecosystem and to human life are pretty much incorrigible. Of course, we should be prudent in our actions while we are in the wild to ensure that we are not the ones who cause these massive fires.

At the same time, we should learn how to protect our homes and loved ones from the potential hazards of wildfires. The guidelines we listed here could help you prepare your properties for the fire season.

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