5 Aspects of Random Video Chatting that Boost Your Social Opportunities

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It’s no secret that random video chats are all about socialization; after all, it’s really just a bunch of strangers meeting each other online for some casual entertainment. What you may not know, however, is that these same chats can actually have some positive effects on your social life. How is this possible, you may ask?

Take a free video chat site such as Chatrandom. While it does have some cool offerings that set it apart from other chat sites, the most important thing is that it has thousands of members from all over the world – and they’re ready to get acquainted! Whether or not you’ve video chatted before, you’ll soon find your rhythm on whatever site you’ve chosen; after that, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing a change for the better in your overall social activities. As for the specific changes you might experience, you can read all about them below.

Random chatting could give you some creative ideas for the friendships you already have

video chatting

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Every friend-group will have its own dynamic, but in some cases you just can’t meet up with people as often as you’d like. And when you do manage to get together, it can be hard to come up with new ideas for what to do.

If you’ve been random video chatting, though, you’ll probably have a few suggestions that everyone will enjoy – and you don’t have to wait until you can all convene at the same spot. Video chatting can work for all kinds of situations, not just random chats, so you and your friends could “meet up” via a video calling service. As you’ll soon learn while random chatting, a video chat can be a lot more than just a venue for talking. Have a pizza night, work on some projects together, or play games – the winner gets to pick the activity for next time!

Random video chatting can help reduce social anxiety

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There are all kinds of reasons why some people just don’t put themselves out there. For some, it’s because they’re busy. For others, it could be that they live in a small town, and there just aren’t any good spots where they can mingle with strangers. For many, however, it’s because they experience anxiety at the thought of talking with strangers.

Random video chatting might seem like an odd recommendation to make for anyone with social anxiety, but it can function like a kind of exposure therapy. Plus, you get to use the ultimate exit strategy, in the form of a “next chat” button. Since the chats are completely randomized, you’ll probably never see any of your chat partners twice. This means that if you simply hate how a chat is going, you can skip to the next one and have a completely clean slate with your next chat partner. And with so many people to chat with, you’ll never feel any pressure to get it right – you have all the chances you need. Get enough practice in, and eventually you could start feeling more comfortable with in-person conversations as well.

You could make new friends online

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A main offering of random chat sites is that users can make friends with the people they meet online. While this is technically true, you probably won’t have a lot of “friendships” in the traditional sense, because you won’t have any way of keeping up with them afterwards. Since the chats are typically random and anonymous, you pretty much have just one opportunity to talk with any particular chat partner. Once you’ve gone to the next chat, that’s probably it.

Unless, of course, you’re on a site where you can save your chat history, or connect to other members’ profiles. These types of features aren’t available on all random chat sites, but if you’re hoping to make some longer-term connections with the people you meet online, this is a great option. Once you’re able to get in touch with the people you really enjoyed talking to, you have the option to open up a text or video chat anytime they’re online and available.

Plug yourself into some chat rooms

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You may have the impression that chat rooms belong in the last decade, but the fact is that they’re still an active part of some random chat sites. After all, why not offer chat rooms as a way for members to meet each other? It can be a welcome break from the random chats, and it lends a sense of community to your activities on the site. 

You’ll also feel more of a sense of context when you return to the chat site. It isn’t just a place where you can randomly chat with strangers; it’s also a spot where you can hang out with people you share something in common with.

Play the numbers game – and win

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Sometimes you don’t really have a goal beyond “I need to talk to more people”. You aren’t sure if you want more long-term friends, or if you simply need a bit more human interaction in your life. Whatever the case, random video chatting is a great place to start; with so many users on nearly every chat site, you could chat 24/7 and never run out of people to talk to. 

If you decide along the way that you want something more specific than the algorithm is giving you, you could even take advantage of any additional settings the site offers. Filters, for example, will often let you sort by gender or location. Some sites even let you pair up with people based on hobbies or interests. 

The point is, random video chatting gives you the tools you need, even if you aren’t exactly sure what you’re going for. It’s a great way to add some entertainment to your life, but it can also help rehabilitate your social skills if that’s what you’re after. So – what do you think will happen when you start random video chatting?

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