5 Must Know Buying Tips for New Gamers

Must Know Buying Tips for New Gamers

The decision between buying a gaming laptop or a gaming pc is surely integral, and is a great place to get clarity upon it. However, it wouldn’t hurt new games to know more tips before making such a substantial investment. Learn more about laptop vs desktop performance.

Understand Your Requirements

Must Know Buying Tips for New Gamers

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The first step in purchasing a gaming monitor is to determine what type of gamer you are.

The games you play the most define what kind of gaming experience you want and what specifications are most important to you, and that you won’t compromise on.

In general, gamers who appreciate AAA games want to experience the game’s outstanding and delicate visual quality, as well as the immersive feeling that comes with wandering through the game, which is one of the game’s greatest joys. If you’re a gamer like this, you’ll want a monitor with a large screen, high resolution, and high colour saturation.

And competitive gamers frequently need to quickly switch between scenes or tilt the perspective to observe the area or track moving foes. For these types of gamers, having a fluid visual to assist them in aiming down their foes is critical. 

The monitor should not be too big for these games, and they should concentrate on features like refresh rate and response time.

Buying a Pre-Built Computer vs. Building Your Own

Must Know Buying Tips for New Gamers

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The first decision you must make is to build your PC or purchase a pre-built system. It can be frightening if you’ve never constructed a computer before, but it’s quite straightforward these days.

Building your system has the advantage of allowing you to customise it to your own needs and games. Building your system will also offer you confidence when it comes to replacing parts or troubleshooting hardware problems. The disadvantage is that you’ll have to devote more effort to researching parts and ensuring that everything in your construction is compatible.

It’s easier to get started using pre-built solutions. Furthermore, because system integrators buy parts in bulk, they may provide low costs, allowing you to get hardware for less money than you could if you bought the identical components separately.

The Most Important Gaming Components – Processor

Must Know Buying Tips for New Gamers

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The processor and graphics card are the most critical components for gaming, whether you’re purchasing or creating. Because the CPU is the PC’s brain and executes calculations, it’s crucial in open-world and strategic games.

Most games will demand a combination of processing and graphics power, so purchase the finest processor and graphics card you can afford for the best gaming experience. In most gaming PCs, the graphics card is the most expensive component.

Don’t waste money on RAM that you don’t need

Must Know Buying Tips for New Gamers

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16GB is a fair starting point for modern gaming systems, especially given how low prices have fallen in recent months. However, if you are playing older games or don’t mind compromising detail or frame rate to save money, you can get away with 8GB.

After all, RAM is one of the simplest — and most affordable — things to upgrade afterwards.

To give you an idea of what you will need in a PC, here is the current memory demand landscape for six popular games:

8GB minimum, 16GB recommended for Fortnite

8GB minimum, 8GB recommended for Doom Eternal

6GB required, 8GB recommended for Destiny 2.

8GB minimum, 16GB recommended for PUBG

4GB minimum, 6GB recommended for Overwatch

12GB Half-Life: Alyx

Additional memory over 16GB, on the other hand, is unused. Any money spent on RAM more than 16GB should be invested on a component that has a greater impact on performance.

Concerning Peripherals

Must Know Buying Tips for New Gamers

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Peripherals are a slippery slope, a rabbit hole, and any other cliché that conjures up images of sinking into the heart of the earth and leaving your money behind.

Glamming out is a part of PC gaming culture. That entails customising keyboards, mice, headsets, mousepads, microphones, chairs, and webcams, as well as adding LEDs to them. And, thankfully, today’s stylistic options include more than just sleek black technology with alien-like green blinking lights. 

What are your objectives? A high-refresh-rate display, a good mouse, and a large mousepad are your best bets if you want to be a top-tier player. Keyboards are the way to go if you want to seem nice. If your PC gaming setup also serves as a quarantine home office, an ergonomic gaming chair may benefit your back.

Consider everything important, and then take the dip!

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