How to Be Ready to Face a Power Outage Comfortably- Anytime!

Face a Power Outage Comfortably

There’s nothing more inconvenient than an unexpected power outage that takes you and your business off the grid. Whether these power outages last an hour or several days, they can affect your very basic needs. The first thing to do when you experience a power outage is to notify your electricity provider immediately. In fact, encourage your neighbors to complain about it too so that they can escalate the problem. However, even when your electricity provider looks into the issue immediately, it can still take time. That’s why it’s better to be prepared. Here are some general safety tips and tricks to follow during a power outage:

Safety Tips

Face a Power Outage Comfortably

  1. Disconnect all of your electronics devices and appliances
  2. Keep your fridge and freezer closed
  3. Avoid using your gas stove
  4. Your generator should be used outdoors and away from the window
  5. Limit your usage of your mobile phone to save battery
  6. Keep in touch with your neighbors
Comfort Tips

Now, here is how you can face a power outage comfortably:

Keep Your Home Illuminated

Face a Power Outage Comfortably

It’s horrible when the power goes off, and you find your family in complete darkness. Minimize the panic by keeping flashlights stored in different easy-to-reach corners of your home. You can buy a big flashlight or have a few small portable ones. Just make sure you have enough spare batteries. You can also keep candles, matches, firelighters, and lanterns handy, and start a fire in the hearth to provide both light and warmth.

Make Use of Your Camping Cook Sets

Face a Power Outage Comfortably

It’s time to take full advantage of your camping cooking experiences. To be able to fully showcase your talents, make sure you always have enough charcoal and wood in store. Cook easy grilling recipes for your family as a fun bonding experience. The sauces and seasonings in your pantry will help you a great deal here. If you’re new to this process, think of it as a practice session.

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Never try this kind of camping cooking indoors. The smoke can be dangerous!

Let Your Food Stay Cold a Little Longer

Face a Power Outage Comfortably

Fill your freezer with bottles of liquids like water and milk so that these frozen chunks of ice can keep your food fresh a little longer if the power goes off.

Go Manual

Face a Power Outage Comfortably

When you don’t have electricity, you’ll have to go back to the old fashioned way of doing things. Keep manual items such as can openers, French press, and ground coffee in your pantry. Learn to open your garage door manually as well. Keep the instructions handy.

Stay Updated

Face a Power Outage Comfortably

Not knowing what’s going around can easily spark tension. So, keep a radio in your home that can function without electricity. And make sure it works by checking it regularly.

Keep the Communication Going

Face a Power Outage Comfortably

Always keep your mobile phone charged; don’t wait until the power is fully drained. Keep your power banks fully charged and have a mobile charger in your car. When the power is down, many gas stations will close. Be ready for it, too. Make sure to keep your fuel tank is always at least half full.

Keep Everything in its Place

Face a Power Outage Comfortably

When the power is suddenly down and you’re bored, take the time to have a digital detox. Read a book or play a game of UNO or Monopoly. Make sure you always have these items handy in case you need them

Get a Generator

Face a Power Outage Comfortably

If you have a generator in your home, it’s likely that you won’t even feel the negative impact of a brief power outage. But if the power shuts down for a longer period of time, one generator may not be enough. For this, Australian experts suggest having two synchronized or parallel generators to be on the safe side.

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Have Your Emergency Kit Ready

Face a Power Outage Comfortably

Power outages can happen because of a natural disaster, like a storm or earthquake. For such emergency cases, you should have an emergency kit ready. Here are some more things to add to your emergency kit:

  1. Water
  2. Food: Something storable and easy to cook
  3. First aid kit, medications, and personal hygiene products
  4. Copies of important papers and documents
  5. Emergency contact numbers and addresses
  6. Extra money
  7. Emergency blankets
  8. Battery fans
  9. Multi-purpose tools
  10. Your area maps

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If you have a pet, prepare a kit for them too.


When you think of a power outage, you might feel panicked. But panicking doesn’t bring a solution. Rather, stay relaxed by taking the right preparations and following these easy tips to prepare for a power outage.

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