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Swiss Interiors and Designs is a company established since 2012 about Interior Designing and Renovation Services. Swiss Interior is one of the best interior design company in Singapore since 2012 and has helped its customers with utmost focus and suggestions( if required ) on how the customer’s home can be lightened up and revamped by suggesting them an interior design that suits their personality and daily living style. The company has well-known partners like Nippon Paints, Wilsonart, UrbanKitchen, Blum, and many more that help the company to provide the best interior service to its customers. There are many types of interior designs and styles available in Swiss Interiors. In case the customer has some confusion about choosing the theme or design, they can consult the company’s representatives for packages and advice. Swiss Interior has years of network and connection in the interior designing industry that can help you save time and money on the home project.

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Swiss Interior Design uses computerized 3d software to give the visual perspective on how they will design the home so that the customer can provide their opinions and suggestions about it so that the Designers can make the appropriate changes according to it. The company gives interior design to specific rooms, too — Example-Kitchen, Bedroom, Living room, etc.

Swiss Interiors have different variety of packages for the interior designs for their customers:

The prices of designing vary according to the number of rooms

Swiss Express HDB BTO Package
Home renovation


3-Room – $5,888 , 4-Room – $5,988 , 5-Room-$6,288
Features included in the package :
Design service, Masonry works, Plumbing works, Electrical works, Painting works Carpentry works, Kitchen worktop, Miscellaneous works.

Swiss Express Kitchen Cabinet
Home renovation


Package price :$3,988Features Included in the package:

Free upgrade to the quartz kitchen worktop, free Valenti cooker hob model, free Valenti cooker hood model, open stainless steel kitchen sink with ten years warranty, free Pozzi single lever sink faucet.

Swiss Express HDB Resale Package
Home renovation


3 Room – $24,888, 4 Room – $26,888, 5 Room – $29,888

Features included in the package: Design service, Demolition works, Masonry works, Plumbing works, Painting works, Carpentry works, Kitchen worktop, Door works, Miscellaneous works.

Swiss Express Bto Heavy Duty Korean Vinyl Promotion

Home renovation


2 room flat – $1,300, 3 room flat – $2,100, 4 room flat – $2,800, 5-room flat – $3,500
These are just a few packages from the list of exciting packages offered by the company to their customers.

Apart from packages, Swiss Interior also suggests its customers with a range of small articles related to Interior design and renovations. Swiss Interior advises its customers to follow these small things before they look up to renovate their homes:

Things to take care of while Interior Designing are

Home renovation


  • What is your time and budget for the interior design project?
  • In Livingroom How much time will you spend?
  • View the portfolio and gallery about Interior Designer.
  • Specify the locations of power outlets.
  • Do not go with the prices, a price is just a number, but the quality is something which will last long in the customer’s home.

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Swiss Interior also invites the customers to their showrooms to see different interior design demos visually and physically. By this, the customers will get a feel of different designs and choose the appropriate plan for their home. Customers can also hire an expert and experienced Interior Designer to visit their home so that the Designer can advise them what would be the best design for their home by their personality and in basis on their living style.

Briefly, we can say that Swiss Interiors gives you the best Interior Designing Experience for your home based on your preferences and ideas with a little help from the Interior Designer who will help you with proper advice on what will look good and feel right for your home for a long-lasting renovation. Customers can finalize on what their home should like by going through different packages.

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