Exclusive DIY Bathroom Towel Decoration Ideas

Bathroom Towel Decoration Ideas

With a clean toilet, people also expect tidy bath essentials in a lavatory. When you enter, you must get clean toilets, fresh toiletries, and designer and beautifully placed bathroom towels. So, here we are offering you a handful of bathroom towels decor ideas for a wonderful toilet.

Gorgeous DIY Bathroom Towels Decor Ideas

1. Contrasting Color Towels With Ties

Bathroom Towel Decoration Ideas
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When you search for easy bathroom towels decor ideas, you will find this inspiration. Hang dark and light blue towels on a wall-mounted rod using decorative ribbons. This creative touch adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.

2. Creative Towel Folding Like A Heart

Bathroom Towel Decoration Ideas
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Creative ideas are everywhere. So why bathrooms can not have them? Make a beautiful heart shape with the help of towels. This is very easy to make and looks stunning. Try other similar bathroom towel folding designs. But, the heart shape will steal the show.

You can keep open shelves in your toilet. Keeping open shelves will make things easy for the people accessing the toilet. People can get to see the towels easily. This is very basic and absolutely handy. When your guests enter your toilet, the room is new to them. It would be tough for them if you hide the towels. For that try to keep the towels on the open shelves.

3. Folding Towels Like Shirts

Bathroom Towel Decoration Ideas
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The bathroom towels are folded neatly and creatively to turn something ordinary into a stylish expression. Bathroom decorating ideas and tips often emphasize the power of small touches for a big impact. This towel-folding technique is a perfect example of it.

4. White & Teal Elegant Towel Folding

bathroom towels decor ideas
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Teal is a color that perfectly matches with white color. Create a peaceful bathroom oasis with teal and white towels. The soft teal and crisp white create a serene, balanced look. Tie the towels with a silver color ribbon. 

5. Vibrant Towels Tied With Polkadot Ribbons

Bathroom towel decoration
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A chic towel rack holds two neatly hung towels, one turquoise and the other yellow. Each towel features playful ribbons with polka dots and stripes, adding charm. The towels’ hues complement the white-tiled wall, creating a cozy bathroom scene.

6. Spa Like Serenity

bathroom towels decor ideas
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Transform your bathroom with easy DIY bathroom towels decor ideas. Add a touch of sophistication with matching blue towels featuring white tassels. Hang them on a standard rack for a clean, elegant look. This simple trick proves you can create a spa-like atmosphere at home without much effort.

7. Hexagonal Arrangement of Towels

bathroom towels decor ideas
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Create a unique bathroom look by folding towels into compact rolls. Arrange them in a hexagonal shape on your wall-like artwork. This adds flair to your decor and inspires innovative home decorating.

8. Add a Floral Twist To The Bathroom

bathroom towels decor ideas

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If you are looking for decorative bathroom towel folding ideas, this one will catch your eye. What stands out in this decor idea is the integration of faux flowers with the elegantly folded towel. This combination not only serves a functional purpose but also adds an artistic touch. 

9. Add Rose As A Center Piece

bathroom towels decor ideas

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Grey towels can be used to create chic bathroom décor. Carefully fold it and place it on a wall rack. For a touch of refinement, add a little rose made from a lighter towel. Towels make a chic statement thanks to this clever fusion of use and art.

10. Invest in a Wall Mounted Rack

Bathroom Towel Decoration Ideas

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Make your bathroom elegant with white and blue towels. Fold them neatly and hang them on a black wrought iron rack. This mix of classic and modern design is both functional and stylish.

11. Blooming Bathroom Towels

Bathroom Towel Decoration Ideas
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Make your towels look fancy on a hook. Fold a coral towel into a half circle around a hook. Then, fold a white hand towel in half and put it on top. Fold the bottom of the white towel up to the top of the coral towel. Roll up a washcloth and put it in the middle. This makes a flower shape and adds a nice touch to your bathroom towels.

Author’s Note

I have always been fascinated by the colors. From hand towels to door mats, I can make everything in good shape to elevate the mood. Bathroom towels are a handy tool that I fold differently according to the mood and the guests I am going to receive. 

Therefore, making a heart shape and just tying it with ribbons gets smiles on the faces of everyone who enters my bathroom. Just use your creativity and choose the style that resonates with you. Tie or fold the towels in that unique way to make your style statement with the joy of decorating. Your style must show your personality.

To Sum Up

Bathroom towels are useful in not only drying the body but also decorative accents.  By incorporating these bathroom towels decor ideas, your bathroom towels can transform from purely functional to beautiful design elements.


How to display hand towels in the bathroom?

Hang your towels on bars or hooks near the sink—fold them in half for easy accessibility. To create a spa-like atmosphere, tuck rolled towels into decorative baskets, using natural materials like wicker or seagrass. If you’re feeling artistic, try fancy folds and display towels on open shelves. Consider installing towel rings near sinks for a space-saving solution. Lastly, don’t hesitate to mix textures and patterns—combine plush and waffle-weave towels, experiment with stripes or florals, and choose colors that resonate with your bathroom’s aesthetic. 

How to decorate a bathroom towel?

You can decorate bathroom towels by trying fancy folds or adding a pop of color with a rolled-up washcloth flower in the center. The main concern is to make the design attractive. DIY options are also there to indulge in some creativity. Fancy laces, bathroom accessories, and complimentary items help you to decorate bathroom towels.

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