When Do You Need to Replace Your Sump Pump?     

replace your sump pump

Rockville in Montgomery County, Maryland, has witnessed rapid development over the past few years. It is among the leading small cities with good living standards in the United States. Homeowners receive access to important facilities, such as efficient plumbing services.

A sump pump protects your home’s basement from flooding and excessive water damage in Rockville. However, the equipment only operates when the need arises. You may not require it for weeks at a stretch.

It makes it challenging to know when the unit wears down. Look out for the signs of inefficiency, and a reliable Rockville plumber replaces it.   

Frequent Cycling On and Off

replace your sump pump

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Rockville witnesses significant rainfall all through the year. The dry months also experience much rainfall. It may at times lead to basement flooding. If the sump pump is cycling on and off frequently, it may be unable to handle the water volume in the basement.

Its basin could be very small. Regular overflowing can burn out the motor. Replace the sump pump at the earliest and invest in a deeper pump basin. Your plumber may suggest installing a larger basin of around 20 – 30 gallons for better efficiency.

Excessive Vibrations

replace your sump pump

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Does your sump pump excessively vibrate while it is running? There may be hard debris within that bends or damages the impellers. An impeller is essential to maintain a balance and prevent the shaft from wearing out. 

If the impeller suffers damage, it creates more stress on its shaft. The sump pump begins to wobble and can soon lead to other equipment issues. Call a local plumber to check and replace the damaged parts.

Running Constantly

When the sump pump works continuously at all times, it indicates an underlying issue. The pump may be underpowered to handle the water volume or is unable to pump it for enough distances. 

Another possibility is a defect in the switch or the float arm. Contact a local plumber to identify the issue and fix it. Professionals also ensure that the sump pump and the surrounding drains meet the design criteria set by the Montgomery County Government to avoid frequent issues.

Strange Noises

replace your sump pump

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Although many sump pumps make some sounds while working, pay attention to any strange and irregular noises. Some irregularities include rattling, thudding, gurgling, and grinding noises. 

The problem is most likely with the sump pump’s motor. However, do not inspect the device without taking any safety precautions. Make sure to switch off the power before you check it. Your plumber can inspect the equipment and repair or replace the faulty part. 

Visible Rust

replace your sump pump

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If you spot any signs of rust, you have to replace the sump pump as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can clog the equipment and interrupt the water flow within the drainage system. 

Look for a local plumber who has the right licenses to perform repairs and installations in the area. Your plumber replaces the affected part or the whole sump pump. They install a more efficient unit that is less susceptible to rusting. 

Do you notice any of the above signs? Then, call a plumber to check your sump pump and prevent further damages. A Rockville plumber ensures to provide efficient services to avoid frequent issues.

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