14 Crafty Ideas on How to Repurpose Old Bed Sheets for Home Use

Repurpose Old Bed Sheets

When buying new bed sheets for your family, what are you going to do for the old ones? What do you make out of the old bedsheets? We could be asking these questions if we do not know how to make use of old bed sheets after getting replacements.

Old bedsheets? No problem! We gathered a list of DIY suggestions on how to use them in a new way. Explore your creativity, and I am sure it will be fun or cut your budget in any way.

I hope you can find some inspiration here.

1. Indoor Projector Screen

Repurpose Old Bed Sheets

source: ebuy.com

Your old, thin, and white bed sheet may not be the perfect alternative for this, but it is the easiest and quickest way to give everyone a fun night. Simple procedure, connect the eyelets to each edge of the sheet and loop the lace, string, or rope through the hole and position them on the wall. Use telescopic ladders, also available at diyladders.co.uk, for safety installation.

You can also make a nice projector screen if you have a deep gray or some light dark old sheet.

2. Disposable Cleaning Rag

Cut out the old bedsheets into smaller square-sized rags to make a cleaning rag for daily household use. Turning bedsheets’ cloth as rag is best to serve in cleaning stains in the kitchen cabinet, sink, or ceramic tiles at home.

3. Alternative Comforter for Pet

Give your pet the comfort they deserve. Make a blanket, pillow, or pet cushions from a crafted old bed sheets. Your pet would love to have something cozy to cuddle in their private time.

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4. Mechanic Creeper Sheath

Repurpose Old Bed Sheets

source: worthpoint.com

Make your old bed sheets into a mechanical creeper for emergency and repair, mainly low to the ground issues. When you fix a car, for example, lay the sheet on the floor to keep you safe. It will also trap unexpected oil leaks and excesses.

5. Working Table Encasing for DIY Project

When you do DIY projects, particularly in a rush, it will be messy much of the time. Put old bed sheets on your worktable to collect excess materials so that you can quickly clean it later without leaving a stain on the tabletop.

6. Camping Mat

Save your used bed linens for future camping trips. You may lay it on the ground as a blanket or use it as a tablecloth. Just attach it to the base with hooks to prevent it from sweeping around.

7. Bath Floor Cloth Water Absorber

The used cotton bed sheets are the best option as a bath mat as it absorbs excess water more than its weight and quickly dries, so as it prevents water from soaking in your bath-floor.

8. DIY Potholder

Repurpose Old Bed Sheets

source: coplusk.net

Cut out a piece of the old sheet in any shape and size you want to create a DIY potholder. A plain is the simplest one the quickest to do. But if you have enough crafting background, you may apply different patterns like crochet, quilted, loom, or weaving design.

9. Tattered-look Curtain

If you want unique since Halloween is approaching, have a creepy-look design on your window using your old bedsheets and form tattered-design curtains. You will celebrate your Halloween party more creative and original, which you can put back the original window -curtain after the event without spending a single penny. Isn’t it a great idea?

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10. Trap and Drop Covers

For your painting or repainting project, Use your old bed sheet as a disposable trap cloth or drop cloth to cover the surface and to keep splattered paints to reach the surface.

11. Entrance Foot-mat

Form a rectangular piece out of an old sheet to make a foot-mat. Cut it at the same size as your entrance door opening.

12. Gardening Gloves

Repurpose Old Bed Sheets

source: inspireuplift.com

Planting and gardening is a dirty task that you probably need extra protection. A hand glove is something in gardening. Explore your creativity, sketch a hand pattern (left and right), and use it to create a gardening glove using a hand-shaped cloth from old bedsheets.

13. Covering Sheet for Storage

Old pieces of stuff in your storage room full of dust and dirt particles are no longer a problem since you can use your old sheet to cover them.

14. Patio Sunshade

A stringed sheet will make a perfect sun cover in your open patio. You can use stand-alone frames or directly hook them at whatever angle you choose to make yourself shaded from the sunshine.


Of course, there are many ways to reuse old bedsheets. I may not have mentioned everything here in this article, but I hope what I have laid out helps you to solve your problem. However, if you have other methods to reuse the old bedsheets is also better. The important thing is to be creative and save money.

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