Silver Diamond Rings: Is it Possible?

You rarely hear silver and diamonds together in one sentence unless it is from an article like this. When people think of diamonds, they immediately think gold, platinum, white gold, or rose gold when considering settings. However, silver may be an underdog that deserves more recognition ideas at LIVE ENHANCED. The question is

Will Diamonds Be Compatible with Silver?

Silver Diamond Ring


The answer is yes. Gold is technically the softest precious metal used on jewels. It is treated well in order to produce a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. However, there are some differences in the quality of gold when used for diamond ring settings. Some have other metals mixed into them to make the piece harder which is why gold mints process all used jewelry to remove other metals.

Silver, on the other hand, although less expensive than gold is still luxurious and much more durable. Although it does not have the opulence behind the word platinum, silver is still a precious metal and one that should not be ignored when considering diamond jewelry designs.

How Much Do Silver Diamond Rings Cost?

Silver Diamond Ring


The cost of the silver diamond ring or other pieces of jewelry will be determined mostly by the weight of the metal and diamond, as well as the cut, clarity, and color. In the market today, a silver diamond ring can cost as low as $600. Take note that this is sterling silver – the type that has the least level of impurities and other metals.

The price can go up depending on the size of the diamond and its design. You can also get good prices at small auction houses or vintage jewelry store sellers. However, if you are looking for a simple design, it is best to go with wholesale diamonds sellers who design rings as well.

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Is Silver the Best Option for Diamonds?

Silver Diamond Ring


The truth is that any precious metal is the best option for you. many people like gold, and many people like white gold. It all depends on your budget and what design will make you happy. Remember, a small diamond set in silver is just as special as a 10-carat ring on a celebrity’s finger.

Just remember that silver requires regular cleaning. Other precious metals that are more expensive do not require it as frequently. Just make sure you learn how to clean your jewelry or have a professional jeweler do it.


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