3 Things To Consider When Buying A Gaming PC

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Buying a new gaming PC needs loads of thinking. There are a plethora of things that can make your head spin because selecting a good gaming PC that surpasses your expectations is quite hard to find. 

Whether you are buying or building, there are 3 things you should consider before buying i.e RAM, graphics card, and storage. Also, if you are on the hunt for a gaming PC, check out the best gaming PC under 2000 here.

1) RAM

Gaming Pc Ram

RAM is quite an integral part if you want to have a smooth gaming experience as it prevents your computer from freezing at random times or GOD FORBID! during gaming. The RAM should come with the possibility of upgrading so you can improve it any time you want and have the perfect gaming sessions without any lag. But the RAM upgrade system is mentioned by the manufacturer that how much RAM can be added and you can’t exceed that limit. If it says that the RAM is upgradeable up to 64 GB then can’t go any higher than that.

Talking about the performance, if you have 8 GB of RAM that means you can perform heavy multitasking or even light gaming. Moreover, having 16+ GB of RAM means that you can perform intensive tasks, such as serious gaming, video editing, and programming. So the “enthusiastic” users who never want to experience slowdowns will need at least 16+ GB of RAM to be truly happy. If you take it a little higher there will be no glitches and zero lagging. 

If you have a RAM that is quite low then it will perform quite low-quality tasks and you will experience random freezing of the screen, your screen will keep flashing low memory notifications and you will be unable to run multiple programs simultaneously. So, make sure to buy a PC that supports higher RAM capacity and you won’t have any issues in upgrading it when needed. 

2)Graphics cardNvidia RTX 2060

Graphics cards are considered as the heart of any gaming PC; they are what delivers excellent visuals on the monitor’s screen so that you can experience almost-real adventurous gaming. It allows you to run games smoothly with low latency plus it will run 60FPS+ games with HD quality pictures. Many gamers prefer to have a graphics card that displays at 1080p or delivers 4k ultra HD display and some of the graphics cards also support VR-Ready games that play high demanding games.  

Graphics cards are capable of displaying stunning visuals with the ability to run the games at 1080p settings and some of the graphics cards will allow you to even take on the next and updated generation games so you can experience new and improved games without any inconvenience, graphic issue and all. Plus, the graphics cards are upgradable too but you have to quickly check whether your CPU supports upgradeability or not otherwise all your money will go down the drain if you realize later that you can’t upgrade the card without changing the whole PC.

3) Storage

Gaming PC Storage

Storage lets you keep large gaming files so that you can access them whenever you need to. There are basically 2 types of drives: the HDD and the SSD out which SSD is way better than the HDD. The SSD is way faster and holds a large amount of data and has an extremely fast accessing speed.

If we talk about its capacity then it can be upgraded to a higher number like 256GB and above. But be cautious every system has its limits and the system might not support a large capacity so it depends on you to check it before buying a gaming PC. 

Plus it is preferable that you buy a PC that has an SSD as that will allow you to access large game files that much faster. Additionally, you can use Game Booster for PC if you want your high-end games to run smoothly.

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Above mentioned 3 things are quite an integral part if you wanna enjoy an immersive gaming experience without any glitching or lagging. So, when next you go to get yourself a gaming PC, keep an eye out for its RAM, graphics card, and storage. Plus, you don’t want to end up regretting your decision due to having a zillion problems while you play games. 

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