Take Live TV with You On-the-Go

Live TV

Just a few decades ago, it was inconceivable to think you could take your TV anywhere with you or watch a movie without a trip to the nearest video rental. Now, we can watch movies and TV shows wherever we want, thanks to streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

While watching a TV show or movie whenever you like is convenient and streaming services are bound to replace cable TV sooner or later, the allure of just switching between channels to find something fun or cheer for your favorite team is what’s missing from current streaming services. Livewave antenna is one such device that makes it so convenient for you to watch your favorite shows and movies whenever you want.

Take TV anywhere

How to Watch Live TV On-the-Go

When you watch live TV, you usually do it on your TV, but there are more options out there. Sure, you can watch it on the regular cable, but you can also get it via satellite or over the internet – on your computer, tablet, or phone – basically any device with an internet connection. The options available to you include a monthly subscription on services that offer live TV or checking whether your current provider also offers live TV viewing on other devices or locations.

Live tv anywhere

When choosing your live TV–anywhere service, you should check the following:

The Costs – Usually, live TV options cost from $20 to $100 per month, and many will have several packages available, as well as add-on channel packs, most commonly including sports or adult packages.
The Number of Simultaneous Streams – Having more than one stream is what keeps everyone at home (or wherever you might be) happy, as everyone can watch their preferred channel or show. Make sure the option you choose supports multiple streams at the same time.
Supported Devices – Your live TV should ideally support all devices you want to watch live TV channels on – your computer, tablet, or phone.
Channels – Always check how many channels are included with the live TV provider and whether they cover all the channels you watch regularly. There’s really no point in having 200+ channels if your three favorite channels are not included.
Sports Options – Some live TV options will have sports channels included, while others will offer them as additional channel packs only.
DVR and Pause/Rewind Options – Check whether your preferred live TV option has a digital video recorder to make sure you don’t miss shows, news, or games important to you and whether they also have on-demand capabilities for select channels or shows.

Ask Your Provider About Watching Live TV Anywhere

Before you look at other options, check with your current TV provider and ask them about taking live TV with you and see what options they offer. Chances are, you might get a sweet deal that won’t cost you much. If your current provider doesn’t have good live TV on-the-go or the support is limited, it’s time to find someone who can.

At this time, there are TV providers who enable taking your live TV with you at no extra cost for all your devices, and some even offer HD TV via portable satellite antennas specifically tailored for camping trips.

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