The Best Printers Models of 2018 by Samsung

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Despite the rapid growth in the popularity of MFPs, printers are still used extensively by companies, business firms, and individual entrepreneurs. Samsung is one of the most popular brands of printers. It manufactures high performing printers which is available on affordable price tags and offers better performance and functionality. If you are looking for top-rated Samsung printers to meet your needs, here are some suggestions. Just look at them and choose one as per your needs and budget:

1.ProXpress SL-M4020ND

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ProXpress SL-M4020ND is an ideal Samsung printer for meeting professional printing needs. This printer can easily print up to 40 pages per minute. The device allows you to install the cartridge MLT-D203E that has a resource of 3000 to 10,000 sheets at a filling of 5%. It facilities the rapid printing of multiple copies of documents, advertising text or ads in an easy way.



250 sheets can be placed in the loading trayNo scanner
Two-sided printingExpensive
Effective resolution of 1200×1200 
Easily Works with heavy paper, recyclable paper, archival paper and cardboard. 
It comes with programs that remove unnecessary elements on the page for fair printing. 
It easily gets connected via USB, network cable and communicator, wireless network. 
You can create internal reports on printed products and waste of toner and take steps to save your resources.

2.Samsung Xpress C430W

Samsung Xpress C430W is the best printer for printing colour photographs. This printer automatically recognizes the operating system and installs drivers from the device’s memory without using a disk. You can easily connect it with smartphones, take photos instantly and sent them to print the NFC application. It comes with Built-in print-saving technology. It allows you to ensure the minimum consumption of colour cartridges and remove excess text and layers from electronic versions.



Input tray for 150 sheetsExpensive
You can print 20,000 pages in a month. Ideal for commercial use.Small output. Only 50 pages.
Consumption of 290 watts while workingIt makes sharp noise at 48 dB operation
Compatibility with all operating systems and its automatic recognition.The processor is a bit slow because of the 400 MHz operating frequency
Easily works with ordinary, cardboard, cotton and recycled paper. 
Easily gets connected via Wi-Fi and network cable. 
Resolution of 2400×600 dpi 
Automatic removal of white spaces from photos to increase the clarity of the printed images. 
Fast Colour printer-18 PPM

3.Samsung Xpress SL-C480W

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This Samsung printer looks similar to others externally. But, internally, there are hidden high intellectual technologies for colour management. They enable the system to automatically optimize the picture and increase the contour sharpness up to a great extent. The device works with both computers and mobile devices. The ReCP function provides clear printing on documents with small print. Printing from a USB flash drive or wi-fi is also supported.



Resolution of 2400×600 pixelsNo duplex printing.
Easily gets connected to wi-fi by pressing one button. There is no need to enter passwords. But, it happens only on with the encrypted transmission channel.2-line display is narrow.
You can control the device through the manager on the computer or the buttons available on the case.Expensive
Built-in fax for interaction with government agencies 
It facilitates printing from the cloud 
Built-in scanner 
Resource for colour cartridges 1500 pages 
Print speed 18 PPM in colour 
It has a powerful processor for processing incoming tasks at 800 MHz. 
It has a separate application for printing from mobile devices in one touch.

4.Samsung Xpress M2820ND

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This Samsung printer is perhaps the best printer for a small office due to its high performance of 28 pages per minute (which is 25% more than all similar models of this class) and a simple design. To use this printer, open the front cover and lift the top tray. The printed pages appear at the very top of the machine. To connect the model to the computer, use the USB ports or the network cables. The device interacts with all operating systems without any problem.



Available on affordable price tagsNo scanner
Printing resolution 4800×600 is optimal for price lists and contacts.The density of paper is only 60-160 g / m3.
Duplex printing is supportedThe consumption of 400 watts at work and 45 watts while waiting.
The tray allows you to adjust the size of the inserted sheet and print on A4, A5, A6 and envelopes.Noisy printing 50 dB.
Built-in processor with a frequency of 600 MHz.No display
250 sheets can be placed in the tray at one time.There is no top cover and dust enters through the outlet.
Small dimensions 368х334х202 mm are convenient for office use. 
The device will work for a long time at a monthly load of 12,000 pages. 
128 MB memory allows you to load and save even large documents. 
20% less toner than other printers.

5.Samsung Xpress SL-M2070W

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This Samsung printer is the most suitable printer for corporate offices where there are a lot of computers. It is because you can send tasks to it either via a USB cable or over a network, for which the RJ45 port is provided. The printer is equipped with a model and a WI-Fi module. So, it easily gets connected with laptops, telephones and tablets remotely. The device easily fits on the table and is equipped with a small screen for displaying the current process and settings.



It facilitates laser printing with a resolution of 1200×1200 dpi.Expensive
You can install 99 copies at one time.It makes loud noise while printing documents.
You can scan and scale the page within 25%-400%.It consumes 310 watts.
Its printing speed is 20 ppm.Its display is very narrow by 2 lines.
It is designed for 10,000 pages of printing every month. 
It comes with a memory for 128 MB. 
Built-in processor with a frequency of 600 MHz 
A convenient tray for keeping printed pages. 
It has the ability to scan all types of documents.

Final Words:

These are the top 5 Samsung printers for 2018. Just go through their details and choose which you deem suitable keeping your budget and needs in mind.

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