The Best-Reviewed Electricians in Singapore

No matter how old or new your home is you will certainly need a good electrician at some point in time for various purposes. Choosing a good electrician can be a very difficult task in Singapore especially if you are new to the country and do not know who provides excellent services in the country. You will get a number of companies which provides electrical services and they also provide various types of electrical service. SGHomeNeeds provides the best-reviewed electricians in Singapore and you will be able to get various kinds of electrical services such as lighting upgrades, wiring upgrades, electrical power point upgrades, electrical panel upgrades, etc.



In Singapore at an affordable price. Apart from that, the electrician of Singapore some provides some other kind of services such as installation, repair and replacement service and you can call then for circuit breaker installation, power failure and trip repairs, generator installation, and repair, electrical appliance installation, and repair, power socket or electrical switch installation, etc. But the problem is there are hundreds of electricians in Singapore and it becomes very difficult for a person to select the right electrician for your home. Hence, in this article we have come up with some companies that provide the best electrician services in Singapore which are as follows:

  • Daylight Electrician Singapore

Daylight Electrician Singapore


This is one of the most reputed, trusted and EMA licensed electrical companies in Singapore. This company is completely certified and it comes up with an experienced electrician team that can provide any kind of electrical services. The best thing about this company is that once they perform any electrical service they will provide you 30 days guarantee which means if any kind of electrical problem occurs at your home they will do the service without charging a single penny from you, and all Information at Live Enhanced.

  • Repairs.SG Singapore

Repairs.SG Singapore


This is another renowned company that provides a comprehensive repair and installation service which also includes appliance repair services and specialized electrical services. No matter whether you require partial rewiring or a complete upgrading of an electrical system this is certainly the right company to approach. And also the lowest electrical service cost provides.

  • 1st Electrical services

1st Electrical services


This is one of the leading electrical service providers in Singapore. It provides 24 hours service and it has experienced technicians that can solve all kind of difficult issues. It also provides comprehensive servicing, maintenance as well as repairs. You can call this company for any type of services such as power failure, full or partial house repairing or installation of the ceiling fan or water heater, CCTV camera, and fire alarm installation, etc.  Whenever you call the electrician they will not come to your home quickly for the service but also fix the problem instantly.

  • CWC Electrical Engineering service

ISOHomeCare Electrical service


This is another most reliable company that has more than 20 years of experience. The electricians of this company are highly experienced and professional. This company provides a huge variety of work and it includes both commercial electrical installation as well as upgrades. It also comes up with 24×7 services and it usually responds to your service as quickly as possible. Some of the basic services that it includes are electrical inspection, lighting upgrades, electrical upgrades, lighting design, wiring upgrades, circuit breaker replacement, power failure, and troubleshooting.

  • ISOHomeCare Electrical service

S power


This is another comprehensive electrical service company that provides various types of electric services that includes light bulb replacement, ceiling fan installation, switch socket outlet installation and replacement, LAN port installation, SCV and 20A isolator installation, telephone point installation, light switch replacement, etc. The electrician of this company is highly professional and is specialized in troubleshooting. Hence the electrician of this company can repair any kind of electrical system.    

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  • S Power


This is one of the most reputed electrical service companies that provide 24 hours of electrical service apart from providing quick and dedicated service. The electricians of this service company are EMA certified and this company is in this electric service for more than 20 years. Since its inception, this company has been providing optimum service and it comes up with 180 days of comprehensive warranty service. You can call this company for various services such as power failure analysis, rewiring, circuit breaker replacement, electrical extension, electrical testing blackout, new and upgrade wiring, etc.

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