Top 6 Budget-Friendly Neighborhoods for Renting a Room in Washington D.C.

Renting a Room in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is the capital of USA. By neighboring states of Maryland & Virginia, it is the residence to the centralized government’s three branches also well known as: 1. The Capitol, 2.White House and 3.Supreme Court. The city has immense political influence and is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities across the globe.

The rent in Washington D.C. is about 2 thousand USD with the city having nearly 52% higher cost of living and about 135% higher housing costs than most of the other cities in the States. Thus, this fast-paced city undoubtedly is one of the most expensive cities and finding affordable rooms for rent in DC. quickly and conveniently may get quite tricky. Nevertheless, fuss not, we get you enclosed! In today’s article, let’s take a walk through the areas listed below to look out for some cost-effective rooms for rent in DC.

Renting a Room in Washington D.C.


Here are the top 6  budget-friendly neighborhoods of the city.

  • Takoma Park
  • Brookland
  • Downtown
  • Glover Park
  • SouthWest
  • Logan Circle

Yes, you sure can discover plenty of magnificent, excellent rooms for rent in DC, but finding the perfect one that fits your budget could be quite a task. So, let’s quickly dive deep into these neighborhoods for better clarity and easier perception. It could help you sort your areas of preferences while looking up for decent and cheap rooms for rent in DC.

Now, let’s get started!

Takoma Park

Renting a Room in Washington D.C.


Takoma Park is a city in Maryland and a suburb to the DC. This city is also a part of Wahington’s Metropolitan Area and a 6-mile drive from Washington in the southwest direction. Moreover, it is one of the safest and most affordable areas to live in Maryland.

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Fun Fact: The rent to income ratio is as low as 0.0006


Brookland is a neighborhood in the northeast quadrant of the city. The area is extremely safe and is a lot family-friendly as well. If you prefer the cozy small-town lifestyle, Brookland is a good option too. When looking out to rent rooms in DC, Brookland is highly preferred as most people have their own houses, and they often put up rooms for rent. Even though the rent-to-income ratio might be more than Takoma Park, Brookland may be closer to your DC workplace and, consequently, considered a good option.

Downtown Washington

Renting a Room in Washington D.C.


Downtown Washington is one of the innermost dealing zone in the northwest quadrant of the town. It is primarily famous for the tacky hotels. You might wish to avoid the Downtown area if you move to the country for the first time. It’s broadly anything north of Constitutional Avenue NW, east of Rock Creek Park, south of MStreet NW and, west of the US Capitol. The area constitutes approximately five to six blocks.

Fact: The rent to income ratio is about 0.019

Glover Park

Glover Park, a neighborhood in the northwest quadrant of the city, is possibly the best area to look out for rooms for rent in DC. The place is pretty safe and pocket-friendly. The rent to income ratio in Glover Park is also about 0.017.

Find affordable rooms for rent in DC quickly and conveniently!


Renting a Room in Washington D.C.


SouthWest is a section in the south-west quadrant of the city, as the name suggests. You may consider it as a great option if your workplace is closer to the neighborhood. The rent to income ratio here is close to 0.019, which is relatively higher than Glover Park, nevertheless a good option.

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Logan Circle

Logan Circle is the trendiest neighborhood in DC. The young crowd sure is captivated by this contemporary area, and hence looking up rooms for rent in this area may get competitive.

You may spot some fantastic rooms to rent while taking a walk if you are lucky enough. If you are more fortunate, you might even spot charming, well-preserved Victorian houses. Logan Circle is undisputedly one of the best areas to discover rooms for rent in DC. The estimated rent for a studio apartment may range anywhere between a thousand to even four thousand USD.

The rent to income is low; hence it is quite an affordable option.

Renting a Room in Washington D.C.


Additionally, you may also consider Deanwood, Adamas Morgan, and Anacostia as few other good options. These may not have made it to the list above but are definitely some of the most affordable areas to discover rooms for rents in DC.

However, do keep in mind that rent control plays a significant role while looking up rooms for rent in DC. Moreover, rent control in DC is even reasonable. You may as well contemplate consulting a realtor for local laws and rent control policies to avoid unforeseen inconveniences later.

Once you have these checked, you know the rest! Signup for a long term lease, look for unfurnished rooms too and rent out furniture as it may help you save a lot of money.

Tip: Always use a trusted platform to look up rooms for rent online. Check twice before you move in.

Meanwhile, keep exploring until you find the perfect room and roommate for you within your budget. Happy surfing!

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