Why Turning Digital Photos into Physical Keepsakes is a Must

Turning Digital Photos into Physical Keepsakes

The ease and simplicity of taking photos on our phones almost gets rid of the need for us to look at any alternative options, and whilst this is incredibly useful, it seems as though we are missing a big part of the picture.

Having a real, tangible photo in your hands gives an entirely different feeling when compared to simply looking at a photo on a phone/computer, and physical keepsakes are just as important today as they were twenty years ago. Let’s jump straight into it and talk about why turning digital photos into physical keepsakes is a must.

The Digital World Is Fragile 

Turning Digital Photos into Physical Keepsakes

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Despite what most people may think, the digital world is actually incredibly fragile. There are a myriad of issues that can pop up online that can cause you to have difficulties accessing/saving your photos, and any one of these could be more than enough to shatter the perception of your perceived safety entirely. 

Power outages, hackers, crashes – the list goes on. Moreover, when you factor in how difficult it is to learn how to take good pictures, this just goes to make the whole ordeal all the more aggravating if some mishap were to occur. Luckily, there is a solution to this all-too-common issue; physical keepsakes. 

That’s right; in spite of what you may think, the real world still has its uses. Simply turning those digital archives on your social media into Facebook or Instagram photo books can give you much more control over what happens to your photos, and never again will you have to risk not being able to view/access them whenever you need it most.

A Different Aura 

Turning Digital Photos into Physical Keepsakes

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The experience of viewing a digital photo and that of a polaroid or any other real-world photo are not one and the same. There is just something different about real-world photos, and it appears as though they are able to make us feel emotions that digital photos are just not able to.

Whether this is because we have just desensitised ourselves to anything online or because there is just something fundamentally missing from the experience viewing photos online is not known, but you likely already know what we mean and do not require  an explanation. 

Turning Digital Photos into Physical Keepsakes

source: pinterest.com

Real-world photos are just more personable; they are able to better take us back to that split second in the past and allow us to relive it for just a moment. This puts physical keepsakes on a whole different level, and it is no wonder why they are still popular with people all across the world. 

We hope we have been able to give you a better idea as to just how relevant physical keepsakes are in the twenty-first century. Whilst digital camera rolls and storage devices are incredibly convenient, they just aren’t able to offer the same experience that physical keepsakes can provide, and this is exactly why keepsakes are going to be around for a whole lot longer than most people expected. 

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