Utilize The Screen Time With Useful Coding Games For Kids

game for kid

Is your child a phone addict? Are you worried about the future of your kids as they waste most of their time playing games on mobile phones? There are many ways to redirect their energy using the right tools on mobile phones. The best solution is to teach them “Coding”.

First of all, we have to agree with the fact that today’s generation is digital. We can not stop the exposure of technology to our children in today’s scenario. Every aspect of our routine life has some connection with technology. Mobile phones become handy to use many technologies in one device. So let’s take the first step of using mobile phones in a good way by teaching the children something very useful.

Coding is one of the most innovative skills that prospective employers would be looking for in job prospects shortly. So make your child future-ready by providing them with easy and interesting coding games that they will enjoy and learn new things simultaneously. Coding is not only necessary for learning computer programming but also helpful for other subjects like logical thinking and reasoning.

Let us talk about some important Coding Games.

1. Minecraft – (Survival games and Creative Games)

game for kid

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Minecraft is a free-form, virtual ‘sandbox’ game. Players get the freedom to create their fantasies in virtual reality. They use building blocks and other resources virtually. They can fight with the villains and play a survival game. Children get fun in these types of fantasy-focused games. However, there are selected numbers of players who like Minecraft. As there are other options and interests.

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2. LEGO Mindstorms. (For robot making)

In this game, your child will learn to make robots using icon toy blocks and codes. It has had many gradations since its inception. The latest Third generation EV3 kits are used in this game.” EV” refers to the evolution of the kits in Mindstorms product lines. It teaches core computer programming using a robotics engineering point of view. Your child will grow the mental ability to give logic by playing this game. This app is available for not only to iOs users but also to Android users.

3. Lightbot (For Sequencing Instructions)

game for kid

source: lightbot.com

This programming game has the target market of the children in the age group of 4 to 8 years old. Your child will learn the concept of sequencing instructions, procedures, and loops. Kids drag and drop basic commands, for example, move, hop, light, turn, etc. Similarly, players move the lightbox robot through a variety of puzzles. They light up blue tiles and solve levels.

4. Blocky Games

Google is the creator of this educational game. Users can create and run programs by arranging blocks with simple clicks and drag-drop indications. It is very easy to understand and every child who has no prior experience with computers also can operate this very well. Enter the programming world easily by learning through this game. The whole family can learn and master basic computer science concepts.

5. Machines

game for kid

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It is an educational puzzle adventure. With fun and entertainment, this game teaches your child the basics of programming. The theme of the game revolves around the types of machinery that we use in daily life and how they function. Kids like to break the machines. Likewise, they will also like this game because this game allows them to interact with broken machines. It uses coding principles and drag-drop functionality to fix the machines.

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6. Code Monkey

This game is popular among children. Kids learn intuitively and sincerely with code monkey. It has a classroom dashboard to track the student’s progress. With the help of code monkey, your kids will learn basic computer programming language apart from that, they will get the opportunity to learn other important skills like computational thinking, collaboration, and logical reasoning. Kids in the age group of 4 to 14 can play this game.

7. Osmo Coding

game for kid

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It is a fun combination of physical games and virtual games. In this game, kids have to combine tangible blocks with interactive games. Basically, three variants are there in Osmo coding- Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, and Coding Duo. Children interact with actual handheld pieces and an iPad.Brings actions to life. No Wi-fi is needed for this game. Coding blocks make them creative and with the help of coding jam learn 300+ musical sounds.

8. Clash of Code

In this game, players have to solve short programming problems with other people in real-time. Kids can use creative and logical thinking to solve these problems using the coding method. The attention span of kids is very less so the game has a very interesting design that it allows a maximum of 15 minutes of the clash. It improves problem-solving skills in children. Kids can play this game with friends, siblings, and schoolmates and also develop interactive skills.


game for kid

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In the era of technology, kids must have the intelligence to solve the day to day life problems with ease and logic. Coding helps children think wisely, logically, and sequentially. Games are the natural resources to keep kids engaged and entertained. Therefore, Parents should encourage kids to play coding games. It will help a kid to become an excellent problem solver and creator. Coding is a basic literacy in the modern age. It will help in the holistic growth of the child and make them future-ready.

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